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This event is confirmed for January 15th, 2011 for Wikipedia's 10th birthday


  • 16h-17h Wikipedia 101, by Régis Barondeau
  • 17h-20h Social, informal, drinks and munchies
  • After the event, we'll go to La Banquise


Ecto 880 rue Roy Est, espace 300 - Montréal (Québec) H2L 1E6



This will be about Wikipedia and wiki projects in general


No need to register, just show up with your friends. If you want to register, add your name below/

If you're on Facebook:



  • AnneGoldenberg (wiki wise interested and open space facilitator) Will be out of town that date, but is with us ;-)
  • Marclaporte
  • Antoine
  • Régis
  • Yves Otis

Organizers, to be confirmed[edit]

  • Coren


Individuals without any clear, tangible roles for «ten»[edit]

David Mason

wikipedia:User:bernardmarcheterre (Is this the way to register for the event ?) (même question!)


  • Pre-event organizing meeting January 10th 16h at
    • If you want to help organize, be there :-)
    • Get alcohol permit
  • Find more volunteers to organize
  • Make nice promo page
  • Invite
    • all local Wikipedians (self-identified via user page)
      • Looking for a volunteer to be a "bot"
    • wiki fans (cf Rococo2010) (missing list of emails)
    • openstreet map contributors
    • local Facebook group (YulWiki)
  • Get geo-targetted information boxes
    • Done for all of Wikipedia

After that[edit]

It was nice to see you yesterday at Coop ECTO. I hope there will another meeting where we can wikiparty, I mean do something together to improve Wikipedia.

On a different note, I told someone yesterday that I didn't need to come to Meta site everyday to know if this page has changed, since I received an e-mail everytime it does. To do so, I set this page on my watchlist. After that, I went to my preferences, selected the "User profile", scrolled down, gave my e-mail address and activated "E-mail me when a page on my watchlist is changed". Voilà!

This feature is not enabled on the English and French Wikipedias (too many users, too many pages).

Cantons-de-l'Est 12:34, 16 January 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]