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This is a temporary project page, with the objective to re-write the inter-wikimedia policies for the following purposes:

  • To update them to the new software possibilities.
  • To update them to the new lessons that have been learnt from problematic situations.
  • To cover holes in them which were uncovered or insufficiently covered untill now.
  • To clearify where needed.

This project is explicitely NOT:

  • To change directly the policy (they have to be approved yet)
  • To suggest major changes in current behaviour unless it is about new lessons etc.
  • To fight out other problems and issues

Please consider, before editing this project, whether to make the suggestion on the talk page. If you feel that your edit might be controversial, or if you feel that you are not very experienced on the inter-wikimedia issues.

Please create a new subpage for every policy that has really really to be updates. Up to now, the following policies are included in the project:

I will be bold, and be leading this process a bit. However, it should be a community process, so everybody is at first free to help. comment by: Effeietsanders 11:14, 6 October 2007 (UTC)