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About this orientation

<translate> The program has been divided into three key modules, each sharing a piece of the Wikipedia experience:</translate>

1 <translate> Core:</translate> <translate> This module discusses the core policies and guidelines that govern content development on Wikipedia.</translate>

2 <translate> Editing:</translate> <translate> This module covers the technical skills needed to edit Wikipedia, and how to help students learn them. Since editing on Wikipedia does not happen in a vacuum, this module also covers Wikipedia Community and how students should interact with other editors.</translate>

3 <translate> Classroom:</translate> <translate> Key to successful assignments will be how to integrate Wikipedia into the classroom. This module will walk you through a sample 12 week syllabus. It can be used as a starting point for Wikipedia assignments, or taken in bits and pieces to adapt to specific course and its learning objectives.</translate>

4 <translate> Course pages:</translate> <translate> This module shows you how to actually get started: how to set up a course page and use it to keep track of what your students are doing on Wikipedia.</translate>

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