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Text editing: '''boldness''' and [[links]]

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Trouble viewing this video?</translate>" style="background-color: #FFFFFF; border: 1px solid #000000; margin: 0.5em; padding: 1em;">
<translate> Trouble viewing this video?</translate>

Watch [ <translate> editing basics: ''' boldness ''' and [[ links ]]</translate>] YouTube

<translate> Now it's time to get started editing! You can navigate to your own [[<tvar|sandbox>Special:MyPage/sandbox</>|sandbox]] page in another browser window to try it out for yourself.</translate>

<translate> The wiki code for bold text is like this:

'''bold''' = bold</translate>

<translate> Creating a wikilink to another article looks like this:

[[bold]] = bold</translate>

<translate> That link to the article bold will redirect you to Emphasis (typography). To link to an article with a different name than the text, used a piped link, like this:

[[boldness|bold]] = bold (with the link to boldness)</translate>

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