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Getting started: Creating an account

Have students create their user accounts prior to the lab. Each individual must have their own account; shared accounts are not allowed on Wikipedia.

  • This allows them to read Wikipedia's username policy and consider how anonymous they want to be on the site.
  • It also avoids triggering the automatic limits placed on creating numerous accounts from the same location in a short time period.
  • Adding an email address to your account (for both instructors and students) is strongly recommended; this allows you to send and receive emails with other editors. (Your email address is not revealed when other users contact you.) You can also receive email notifications whenever pages you are interested in get changed, if you wish. And if you forget your Wikipedia password, you can have it emailed to you — but only if you add your email address to your account!

If you're working with a Wikipedia Campus Ambassador, he or she can help with this.

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