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Adding Custom Cohorts

Collecting Usernames and consent

  • Secondary Records (Public Listings)
  • Primary Collection - For primary (first-hand) collection of usernames it is important you requesting usernames through active consent
    • Importantly if you collect UserNames at an in-person event you MUST take care to protect that document and information.
    • Legalese – Three versions of the opt-in language –
      • Long Form - You can use this as your main opt-in form, or if you chose to use the Medium Form or Short Form and just make sure you keep a copy of the long form accessible (i.e., printed out, projected, or linked) to show participants when requested.
    • Opt-in at in-person events is required – Usernames suffice
    • An option to also opt-out at a later date will also be made available within cohort management capabilities that will be built into the tool.

Creating CSV file

  • A CSV file is simply a Comma Separated Value file that can be made as a text or spreadsheet file and saved in the CSV format

Wiki Metrics accepts Username or UserId and project code specifications:

Username, project

Frank Schulenburg, meta
SarahStierch, meta
JAnstee (WMF), meta

  • If you do not enter project code in CSV file you must enter project name in the upload cohort screen or system defaults to enwiki
Demo: Creating a CSV File of Your Cohort

Additional Notes:

  • Most Users Do Not Have Underscores In Their Names; If_This_Fails, try replacing underscores with spaces -> If This Fails.
  • Also, the system will sometimes invalidate a username if there are trailing spaces, please be sure to trim any trailing spaces (i.e. extra spaces in the text field following the username)

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