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Pas un si bon choix
Articles that are "not such a good choice" for newcomers usually involve factors such as a lack of appropriate research material, highly controversial topics that may be well developed already, broad subjects or topics for which it is difficult to demonstrate notability.

  • You probably shouldn't try to completely overhaul articles on very broad topics (e.g., Law).
  • You should probably avoid trying to improve articles on topics that are highly controversial (e.g., Global Warming, Abortion, Scientology, etc.). You may be more successful starting a sub-article on the topic instead.
  • Ne travaillez pas sur un article qui est déjà de grande qualité sur Wikipédia, sauf si vous discutez au préalable d'un plan spécifique pour l'améliorer avec les autres éditeurs.
  • Évitez de travailler sur un sujet qui n'est que très peu couvert par la littérature. Les articles de Wikipédia citent des sources de littérature secondaire, il est donc important que vous ayez suffisamment de sources pour fournir un point de vue neutre et être vérifiable.
  • Don't start articles with titles that imply an essay-like approach (e.g., The Effects That The Recent Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis has had on the US and Global Economics). These type of titles, and most likely the content too, may not be appropriate for an encyclopedia.