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Design of training modules.


  • header — base training name; default value is
    • for "Grants" namespace — "Program Evaluation"
    • for others — "Wikimedia Training"
  • topic — topic's name in the current training; value used as name of subpage;
  • topic display — displayed topic's name; may be differense from "topic" value;
  • color — bacground color for topic pane; default value is "gray"; transferred into {{:Project:Training/colors}} as postfix of "topic" value (e.g. if "topic" value is "Some" and "color" value is "blue", then transferred "Someblue")
  • base — name of base page (more general topic); by default, {{NAMESPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}
    • value used as link for "Menu" item;
    • if exists page with name equal {{{base}}}/Resources, then displayed "Resource" item with link to this page;
  • index — name of index (with Table of Content) page for current topic; by default, {{{base}}}/{{{topic}}} index
  • page — page number; if defined, displyed caption "Page # of ##";
  • link
  • image
    • img_alt
    • img_caption
  • horizontalimage
    • himg_alt
    • himg_caption
  • quote
  • source
  • video
    • thumbtime
    • time
    • video_alt
    • video_caption
  • size — size for image or video; default value is
    • for image - "200x300px"
    • for horiz. image - "300x300px"
    • for video - "300x300px"
  • pagestyle, predefined as
    • "400-width" / "text" / "textwithimage" — <div style="max-width:400px">
    • "600-width" / "extendedtext" / "quote" — <div style="max-width:600px">
    • "800-width" — <div style="max-width:800px">
  • projectname — name of project for which the training is made; by default "Wikipedia"; used for generate category name;
    • uc — swith for uppercasing training name as part of category name


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