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Is it "MetaWikipedia", "Metawikipedia", "Meta Wikipedia" or "Meta-Wikipedia"?

The above question is not as frivolous as it seems - there are a bunch of pages I want to create but don't want to end up sending them all to the delete bin later on for having the wrong name.

Here's a voting forum:

"MetaWikipedia" - 3
"Metawikipedia" - 0
"Meta Wikipedia" - 0
"Meta-Wikipedia" - 0

Other suggestions...

"Meta-Wiki" or similar - Dave McKee

I'd also like to see some attempt at clearly defining the purpose of this meta space - from a pessimistic viewpoint it could easily end up becoming a wiki-usenet.

MetaWikipedia looks best to me. It's also a tip-of-the-hat to the WikiCamelCase tradition. --Stephen Gilbert