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Multilingual namespaces[edit]

Do we want some kind of policy about multilingual namespaces? We could easily have a few hundred of them, all filling up the search footer, for one thing. For another, we might want to set a style guideline for how to identify a page as being in a particular language... which seems more directly what is desired than a translation of (say) all 16 standard namespaces into 50 languages.

I would prefer to see something like (8 namespaces) x (Discussion flag) x (Language identifier). At 50 languages, this makes for 800 'namespaces' but only 60 different options to select from.

URL appearance[edit]

How this shows up in URLs is up for debate, but an unambiguous option might be (Language identifier):[Discussion flag:][Namespace:](Pagename)

So the current main page would be En:Main_Page; a meta page might be En:Meta:Namespaces, a discussion of a german help page might be De:Diskussion:Hilfe:Handbuch ...

For the sake of aesthetics, one could rewrite such URLs in the current format, with a pretty and unique prefix for each combination of (Lang id, discussion flag, namespace). Then the above could be written as

 Page:Main Page
 Hilfe Diskussion:Handbuch

Database structure[edit]

Importantly, in the database there would not be 800 separate namespaces; and when searching, one would choose from among the 8-or-16 core namespaces, and from among 50 languages; rather than from their product set.