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This page is about the Missing images tool run by Magnus Manske on the toolserver.

The tool analyzes a set of articles, either random or from a category, and finds if they have an image or not. For those articles without an image, it follows the links to other languages and checkes for images there, as it is likely that an image there would also be suitable for the original, image-less article.

Found images are checked if they are suitable for use elswhere. Images that reside on commons are marked in blue, and can just be inserted into any article. Other images are marked according to their license categories, good (green), unknown (yellow), or bad (red). A "bad" image, for example, is a "fair use" image from en, as this license is not allowed on many other wikipedias. Found images not on commons are equipped with a link to the CommonsHelper, another tool that tries to lessen the pain of copying/moving an image from a wikipedia to the commons.

Articles are color-coded:

  • red = no images and no language links
  • yellow = no images, but language links
  • green = has at least one image

Found images are color-coded:

  • blue = on Commons
  • green = on local Wikipedia, with good license tag (followed by a link to help upload on Commons)
  • yellow = on local Wikipedia, with unknown license
  • red = on local Wikipedia, with a license not allowed on Commons and many wikipedias (e.g., "fair use")

To help the tool avoid "false positives", that is, pages that are shown as having an image when all they have is a tiny symbol in some navigational element, please add common navigational images to the list of ignored images. This was deactivated due to false negatives, and the tool now has an autodetection of "images used in templates".