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WikidataCon Award 2019

Mix'n'match包含数个来自可靠来源的重要人物列表,且用户可以一键将它与维基数据 项匹配。在所有名称都匹配之时,用户可以清晰、实时地看到喜欢的维基上还缺少哪些条目。

Are you unhappy with the Top Ten Wikipedias rank? See if you can get better than your neighbour at a subset of topics! For instance, who has more European classics (list by the European Library of Information and Culture)?



  • List of existing and missing catalogues in Mix'n'match by category

Updates through automated web page scraping

The statement "This catalog is regularly updated through automated web page scraping" is found on some pages. It can take more than a week for a rescraping.

Top missing entries

Pre-selected sets of shared matches to work on by topic and/or language.