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Wikimedia mobile applications allow users to interact with Wikimedia without using Wikimedia websites in a browser.

There are apps for various platforms (Android, iOS, etc), various Wikimedia projects (Commons, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, etc), and various usages (read, contribute, etc).

Developing a Wikimedia App[edit]

You can develop apps for certain mobile platforms or certain Wikimedia projects. Check the legal requirements and contact the mobile-l mailing list to share your plans and any questions.

List of Wikimedia mobile apps[edit]

App Platform Download Issue tracker Source License Maintainer(s)
Medical Wikipedia Android GitHub GitHub GNU-GPLv3 Wikimedia CH, Wiki Project Med, + other volunteers
Wikipedia Android



Phabricator GitHub Apache License 2.0 Wikimedia Apps/Team + other volunteers (join!)



Phabricator GitHub MIT


Phabricator GitHub MIT Inuka
Wikivoyage Android GitHub GitHub GNU-GPLv3 Nicolas Raoul + other volunteers
Wikimedia Commons Android GitHub GitHub Apache License 2.0 Commons Mobile app volunteers (join us!)
Wiktionary (inactive) Android -- ? ? (no longer active / supported) (see old notes)
Wiki Loves Monuments (inactive) Android ? GitHub GNU-GPLv2 (no longer active / supported)

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