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Wikimedia Apps

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Wikimedia mobile applications allow users to interact with Wikimedia without using Wikimedia websites in a browser.

There are apps for various platforms (Android, iOS, etc), various Wikimedia projects (Commons, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, etc), and various usages (read, contribute, etc). For more information about the Android and iOS apps developed by the Wikimedia Foundation, see also mw:Wikimedia Apps or sign up for the related newsletter.

Developing a Wikimedia App[edit]

You can develop apps for certain mobile platforms or certain Wikimedia projects. Check the legal requirements and contact the mobile-l mailing list to share your plans and any questions.

List of Wikimedia mobile apps[edit]

App Platform Download Issue tracker Source License Maintainer(s)
Medical Wikipedia Android GitHub GitHub GNU-GPLv3 Wikimedia CH, Wiki Project Med, + other volunteers
Wikipedia Android



Phabricator GitHub Apache License 2.0 Wikimedia Apps/Team + other volunteers (join!)



Phabricator GitHub MIT


Phabricator GitHub MIT Inuka
Wikivoyage Android GitHub GitHub GNU-GPLv3 Nicolas Raoul + other volunteers
Wikimedia Commons Android GitHub GitHub Apache License 2.0 Commons Mobile app volunteers (join us!)
Wiktionary (inactive) Android -- ? ? (no longer active / supported) (see old notes)
Wiki Loves Monuments (inactive) Android ? GitHub GNU-GPLv2 (no longer active / supported)

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