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This is the documentation page for Module:DemoTemplate


Simply place "#invoke:DemoTemplate|" before a call to a template. For example, {{#invoke:DemoTemplate|Convert|10|km|nmi|abbr=off}} yields the following:


This module handles both named and positional parameters as well as equals signs in both parameter names and values correctly, so this (for example) will work: {{#invoke:DemoTemplate|1x|1=Some parameter with an = sign in it}}

{{1x|1=Some parameter with an = sign in it}} → Some parameter with an = sign in it

Note, however, that pipes, curly braces, etc. are not currently handled correctly by this module, so this (for example) will not work correctly: {{#invoke:DemoTemplate|1x|foo{{!}}bar}}

{{1x|foo|bar}} → foo