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This is a report of the articles that people most often try to find in a different language, and cannot find. This is done by logging the searches in the Compact Language Links' language search box that don't yield any results. For example, if somebody goes to the English Wikipedia article en:Newspaper, searches for "telugu", and this article doesn't exist in the Telugu Wikipedia, this is logged and counted here.

What each section mean:

The most looked-up articles
These are the most looked-up articles across all languages. This is the sum of the searches for all languages.
Most looked-up languages
These are the languages for which people search most often and cannot find.
Which articles are most searched for in each language
The title of each section is a language for which people were searching. Some language names are ambiguous because it's impossible to know it certainly from the search string; for example, "slov" can be both "Slovak" and "Slovene".
In which languages do people search for each article
This is a detailed list that shows each article with the number of cases when people searched for an article in each language.

This is an early version of this report. It may have some imprecision and bugs. Also note that for performance reasons, only articles that were searched for at least three unique users people are included (otherwise the query is too slow); this may be changed in the future to include all articles, even those that were only looked for once.

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