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Mother Tongue Day - Wiki Way, is an event organised by the Wikimedians of The North India on the eve of International Mother Language Day 2017 to sensitize and persuade various groups and individuals to promote their mother tongues and their heritage through Wikipedia and its other projects.The event will go for a week covering three days before and after the effective date of Mother language day which is 21 st February 2017.It will cover outreach, talks and presentations to writer forums , students and other interested in free knowledge movement.


  • To create general awareness about the free knowledge movement of Wikipedia and its related projects as a part of "International Mother language day" .
  • To create awareness about Wikipedia as a modern tool of promoting language(s).
  • To create and increase multilingual content about under represented languages such as Kinauri,Dogri,Bagri and Kashmiri etc.
  • Create and increase content about other regions/countries where languages of North India are spoken significantly.
  • To bring new editors to the movement.

Co ordinators[edit]


Wikipedia training to Kashmiri language Students[edit]

Wikipedia trainig imparted to Kashmiri youth studying in Banur area of Mohali State of Punjab.Account of One student namely User:Zirar Ali created.He has passion for photography and showed interest in contributing on Commons.He uploaded one image of his area near Sri Nagar, taken by him.Zirar Ali will proved training and create account of Raqib Hamied another fellow kashmiri student.

Awareness generatio Wiki talk/ presentation to writers -19 February 2017[edit]

As a part of the on going event "Mother Tongue Day - Wiki Way" Harvinder Chandigarh gave a talk/presentation on 19th February 2017 to Punjabi Writers at a literary forum "Saranglok" in Mohali city of Punjab State.Around 50 writers and media persons participated in the event.Most of the writers were not much aware about Wikipedia and those who know something about it they were not aware about its vernacular version.When they were made aware about it and its potential to serve the mother tongue through this modern tool of this century they were enthusiastic to join it.It is expected around 8-10 will join as new editors in coming period.

Press Coverage of the event[edit]

The event was widly covered by Punjabi and Hindi media as evident from links below:

  • [1] - Punjabi Tribune 21st Feb 2017
  • [2]- Rozana Spokesman 21st Feb 2017.
  • [3]Jagnbani ,21st Feb 2017

Content creation/enhancement[edit]