Movement Charter/Community Consultations/2022/Fiji Hindi Speaking Community

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General Information[edit]

  • Feedback channels: List of community channels from which the feedback is collected (wikis, social media, live meetings, etc.)

Online discussions with Fiji Indian community members happened one-on-one between various platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook and on direct Phone Calls during 9 - 18 December 2022, Many community members were invited through Wiki Emails, Talk pages, and Village pump messages. Link of Village pumps:



  • The language should be kept simple (multiple times it was mentioned during the discussions)
  • Many of the words do have not exact meanings available in the local language
  • What entities are here you mentioned


  • Overall it is good
  • One important point is missing is the Privacy of users and readers as well
  • An anonymous editing facility should be available (like Quora has) on articles with some controversial topics because there is a fear of trolling or threats on social media due to name disclosure. Perhaps this can even lead to the editor leaving Wikipedia.


  • Many of the participants have no idea about the Global Council and the concept of Hubs.
  • Who will be legally responsible for the content on Wiki?
  • Who will be responsible for ensuring community participation in discussions and decision-making?
  • Another comment on Global counsel and Hubs, there is not much detail to understand. Further feedback on this section can only be given once more info is provided about this. Its overview is okay so far.

Miscellaneous feedback

  • There was a general question from almost all the participants -- How this is going to help Fiji Hindi community?
  • All participants insisted on simplification of language.
  • Almost none of the participants had any idea about the movement charter
  • Some of them were happy that at least translations were available
  • We need more time and translations of all pages to understand the Movement charter and associated terminology.
  • Many of the participants have no idea about MC and other global initiatives as they were not informed well in advance, even some of them were surprised to know that these discussions are happening for more than a year
  • This is a general observation that the Hindi-Fiji community was well-active in the past but now, contributions and active users on Fiji Hindi Wikis are very less. This needs serious attention to support or find ways to get old and new contributors again active on Wiki and inclusive in the discussions.