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Movement Charter/Supplementary Document/Global Council Ways of Working

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The following document is the proposed ways of working for the Global Council in its first iteration, as it learns from trying and improves on the ways of working. The document is meant to be confirmed by the first Global Council at their start, and sunsetted within the first three years of the Global Council’s operations, earlier if the Global Council votes on it, for instance when replacing it by the internal Global Council’s Rules of Procedure.

Global Council[edit]

The Global Council is elected and selected, using procedures that safeguard diversity, by and from communities across the Wikimedia Movement. The Global Council is composed of the Global Council and the Global Council Board (GC Board); members of the GC Board are selected from the members of the full Global Council.

The members of the Global Council (GC) are selected, elected, or appointed to bring forward a diverse range of perspectives and experiences from the Wikimedia Movement. Depending on the tranche the member is (s)elected for, the term of service for a Global Council member serving on the first Global Council shall be one and a half year, or three years.

A Global Council meeting shall be held at least once annually and within six months of the end of the fiscal year, unless an extension of this period is approved by a Global Council vote. At this yearly Global Council meeting, the GC Board shall present its annual report on the affairs of the Global Council and report on the progress of different work and activities of the GC. It submits the activities with an explanation to the meeting for approval.

The decision-making process in the Global Council shall adhere to the following guidance:

  • All decisions shall be made by a majority of the votes cast. If the votes are tied on matters, the proposal is rejected.
  • If in an election between more than two persons, no one obtains a majority, an additional vote shall be taken between the two persons who received the greatest number of votes.
  • A resolution may also be adopted outside of a meeting with the written approval of a majority of all Global Council members entitled to vote, and shall have the same force as a resolution of the yearly meeting.
  • Proxy-voting is not allowed.

The responsibilities of the full body of the Global Council include:

  1. Making high-level decisions within the scope of the Global Council’s purpose and functions
  2. Holding the GC Board accountable for their work
  3. Taking seat in the Global Council’s subcommittees

Global Council Board[edit]

The Global Council Board (GC Board) shall be in charge of coordinating[1] and representing the Global Council, and for this, derives its mandates from the full Global Council’s decisions. The GC Board is authorized to further decide on the activities in order to carry out its decisions.

The GC Board is selected, elected or appointed by and from the Global Council members following the process decided on by the Global Council, and documented in the GC Rules of Procedure. The GC Board is composed of at least 5 and at most 15 members.

The term of office for a GC Board member shall be one and a half or three years for the first Global Council, and then updated to align with the Global Council membership term. Each GC Board member will serve until the expiration of their term and until their successor has been appointed and qualified, or until their earlier resignation or removal from office.

The responsibilities of the GC Board include:

  1. Drafting the initial Wikimedia Movement strategic plan, subject to approval by the full Global Council, as part of its strategic planning function;
  2. Supervising and overseeing the processes of electing, selecting or appointing members to the Global Council;
  3. Serving as the representative of the Global Council in stakeholder engagement activities;
  4. Coordinating the annual Global Council meeting; and
  5. Maintaining accountability for the execution of the functions of the Global Council.

Support Structure[edit]

Advisors can be invited to support the work of the Global Council and its committees based on the need for specialized knowledge and guidance. Advisors may be called upon to offer insights, recommendations, and assistance in addressing complex challenges and opportunities within the Wikimedia Movement. Advisors are not voting members of the Global Council.

The Wikimedia Foundation assigns staff[2] and other resources to support the Global Council's operations and help them function effectively.


  1. The GC Board is the body tasked with making sure the processes within the GC are running according to plans and timelines; coordinating with others where and when necessary; ensuring that the Global council is operating and functioning according to its purpose; etc.
  2. Staff will support Global Council members in their need to actively participate in the GC. This includes, but is not limited to, supporting translations and providing support for physical accessibility of meeting venues.