Movement Strategy/Recommendations/Iteration 3/Community input

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Community input
Throughout 2019, broad-reaching consultations were held with communities across the world. These discussions took place both online - on Meta, social media, and other community-dedicated channels - and offline at strategy salons, Wikimania, local events, and conferences. The ideas shared in these discussions were carefully documented, analyzed, and considered when developing the recommendations. While not all of them are directly cited, the global body of feedback has played an important role in developing the recommendations and underlying principles. In these Community Input pages, you can view more detailed summaries of how ideas from across Wikimedia communities connect to the ideas of the recommendations.

  1. Promote Sustainability and Resilience
  2. Create Cultural Change for Inclusive Communities
  3. Improve User Experience
  4. Provide for Safety and Security
  5. Ensure Equity in Decision-Making
  6. Foster and Develop Distributed Leadership
  7. Invest in Skills Development
  8. Manage Internal Knowledge
  9. Coordinate Across Stakeholders
  10. Prioritize Topics for Impact
  11. Innovate in Free Knowledge
  12. Evaluate, Iterate and Adapt
  13. Plan Infrastructure Scalability