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Align our practices to support environmental sustainability

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Increasing the Sustainability of Our Movement includes building a movement that supports environmental sustainability. Wikimedia can only be truly sustainable if its activities and practices support the sustainability of the planet and its environment. Some specific examples of activities of this Initiative include: banning plastic waste at Wikimedia events and creating policies to limit the carbon footprint of the Wikimedia activities.



Join or start a discussion on Meta or the "Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement" space of the Movement Strategy Forum.


Apply for a Movement Strategy implementation grant to create a project that advances this initiative.

Get help

If you need help in getting involved, please don't hesitate to get in touch directly with members of the Movement Strategy and Governance Team. They are here to help!

You can write to the team in any of 19 languages (listed on the team's page), by writing an email to:

Initiative Project Stakeholder type Project lead Geography of the project Implementation Phase
8. Aligning our practices to support environmental sustainability Overall Initiative Coordination
8. Aligning our practices to support environmental sustainability WMF Sustainability Initiative Unknown

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