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Movement roles/Working group meeting 2011-1-21

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[14:56] <Morgan> hi all
[14:56] <sj|> <waves at morgan, austin, jon, kibble>
[14:56] <sj|> hello
[14:58] <Austin> Hi guys
[15:01] <Jon___> Hi everybody
[15:03] <Jon___> Barry and Bence sent their apologies, and Arne, Bishakha, Asaf, Arne and Delphine each said that they may have trouble connecting
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[15:03] <Jon___> Hi Delphine
[15:04] <del_droid> hi :)
[15:04] <Jon___> has everyone had a chance to look at the agenda?  http://movementroles.wikimedia.org/wiki/Agenda_for_MR_workgroup_IRC_chat_2011-1-21
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[15:05] <Jon___> Hi Arne
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[15:05] <aklempert> hiho
[15:05] <del_droid> this is going to be fun, we're in no nix connection land
[15:06] <Jon___> Let's see what we can do
[15:06] <aklempert> terrible connection. on a train in the middle of nowhere
[15:06] <Jon___> You are coming through fine
[15:06] <Jon___> We have only two items on the agenda this week
[15:06] <Jon___> http://movementroles.wikimedia.org/wiki/Agenda_for_MR_workgroup_IRC_chat_2011-1-21
[15:07] <aklempert> waiting for the page to load...
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[15:07] <Jon___> The first is an update on on gathering views from the wiki, blog, and one-on-one interviews.  We've made some progress with interviews http://movementroles.wikimedia.org/wiki/Interviews
[15:08] <Jon___> I've now done about a dozen interviews, and Anirudh has been doing them, too
[15:08] <aklempert> great
[15:09] <Jon___> Has anyone done anything or seen anything more on the wiki or blog?
[15:09] <Austin> Nothing, but I have a list of regular editors to spam
[15:09] <aklempert> do we have one with the catalans? i rember lizzy saying she talked to them
[15:10] <Jon___> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Movement_roles_project/Initial_Questions/Responses/Gomà
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[15:12] <aklempert> will ask lyzzy if she has sometjhing to add. will see her this evening
[15:12] <Jon___> We have Goma's contribution on the wiki, but I have not seen lyzzy's notes
[15:12] <Jon___> great
[15:13] <Jon___> Anything else we can or should do before we meet in person in a week?
[15:14] <Austin> I'm still trying to get Dereckson nailed down on an interview time so I can complete my Belgian interview series
[15:14] <Jon___> That would be helpful
[15:14] <aklempert> let's focus on making the existing stuff accessible. can we set up *one* page on movement roles wiki with links to all the interviews/answered questionnaires etc.
[15:15] <Austin> [[Feedback]]?
[15:16] <aklempert> sounds good, or pre-read, or whatever makes sense
[15:16] <Jon___> All of the interviews are already linked to one page http://movementroles.wikimedia.org/wiki/Interviews
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[15:17] <Austin> There are currently three separate pages for initial questions, personal interviews with community members and community groups, and personal interviews with peer organizations.
[15:17] <aklempert> okey, then let's use the interview page and just add other relevant places with POVs
[15:17] <Jon___> There is not to add from meta - only two responses on http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Movement_roles_project/Initial_Questions/Responses
[15:18] <Austin> Yeah, that one's not a big deal
[15:18]  * aklempert just wants to make sure that everybody can find the stuff easily, and that we send an email to the list early next week, pointing to this page, asking everybody (including me) to read that stuff
[15:19] <Austin> I can compose an e-mail with links by topic
[15:19] <Jon___> Thx
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[15:19] <Jon___> Hi Asaf
[15:19] <Austin> I'll draft on-wiki, so anyone can chime in
[15:19] <Asaf> Hi, sorry I'm late.
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[15:20] <Jon___> Any more to discuss on prep on the wiki before our meeting next week, or can we move onto the next item on our agenda .... the agenda for next weekend http://movementroles.wikimedia.org/wiki/Agenda_for_MR_workgroup_meeting_2011-1-29/30
[15:21] <aklempert> i was busy this week, and couldn't finish my homework. glad that barry put some tough topics on the wiki :)
[15:22] <Jon___> the list is growing, and I can add one, too
[15:23] <aklempert> i think we should try to collect a few more of these over the next days
[15:23] <aklempert> and then prioritize them next saturday, first thing in the morning
[15:23] <Jon___> sure
[15:23] <Asaf> Are these Tough Topics essentially a task list for this group?  That is, is this group expected to _solve_ (or _resolve_) all these topics?
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[15:24] <Jon___> The tough topics are a list of issues that we need to discuss or address when we are together
[15:24] <Jon___> Hi Bence
[15:24] <Bence_WMDE> hi
[15:24] <aklempert> (or friday evening if we're in the mood)
[15:24] <Jon___> Asaf, whether or not resolve these next weekend, we need to address them as best we can
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[15:25] <Jon___> Good point, Arne.  It looks as if a few of us will be arriving on Friday evening
[15:25] <Asaf> I see.
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[15:26] <Jon___> Hi Anirudh
[15:26] <Jon___> We have a list of tough topics from Lodewijk and Barry http://movementroles.wikimedia.org/wiki/Tough_Topics
[15:26] <Jon___> Let's keep adding to them this week
[15:27] <Jon___> Does anyone have anything to add on the list today, or comment on what is already there?
[15:27] <anirudh> Sorry about this, I'm in Bangalore, was wading through traffic.
[15:27] <anirudh> Yes, I have some topics to add to the list.  Will do it tonight.
[15:28] <Jon___> Great
[15:28] <anirudh> Jon___: were you able to contact Elizabeth?
[15:28] <Jon___> Have emailed her a couple of times, but had no response yet
[15:28] <anirudh> Okay, I will remind her of this.  I think her suggestions will be valuable for us, so I will directly try and set up a call, with you cc'd.
[15:29] <anirudh> Alolita responded on internal-l saying that she is in San Francisco, so we can expect her to reply soon.  I'm sorry about the delay.
[15:30] <anirudh> I tried connecting with Rebecca MacKinnon, twice, but got an automated response saying that she has limited access.
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[15:30] <notafish> over the weekend
[15:31] <notafish> (he's been disconnected)
[15:31] <notafish> arne and i will add some stuff
[15:31] <Jon___> Does anyone have the details of the hotel where we will be staying and working?
[15:32] <notafish> did you get that part?
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[15:32] <Austin> I have a link
[15:32] <Austin> Let me get it
[15:32] <Jon___> I think so.  We are all going to look at the list of tough topics and see what we need to add
[15:32] <notafish> i don't, but then, i have a home in the neighbourhood
[15:33] <notafish> :P
[15:33] <Austin> http://www.lindner.de/en/LCH/ afaik
[15:33] <Austin> Oh, wait
[15:33] <Austin> Not that one
[15:33] <aklempert> austin: wrong hotel
[15:33] <Austin> (That was the first choice)
[15:33] <Austin> Lemme grab the right one
[15:34] <anirudh> NH Frankfurt Rhein-Main hotel
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[15:35] <aklempert> i think James wanted to send an email to all participants on monday
[15:35] <aklempert> will check with him
[15:36] <Jon___> that would be helpful - especially if his email could include res numbers, etc.
[15:36] <Austin> Yeah, I went looking for the exact link, and the most recent I have is James's note about sending an e-mail
[15:36] <aklempert> the city where the hotel is located is called "Raunheim"
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[15:38] <Austin> I hope that between the two of you, you're getting most of the conversation. :)
[15:38] <aklempert> who knows ;)
[15:39] <aklempert> but it definitely helps to have two independent devices
[15:39] <Jon___> It looks like quite a few will be arriving on Friday evening.  Shall we all meet for dinner?  Gather in the bar beforehand?
[15:39] <aklempert> sure!
[15:39] <Jon___> what time shall we try to gather?
[15:40] <aklempert> when will you be there?
[15:40] <Jon___> I arrive into FRA at 1655, so I guess I will get to the hotel around 1800
[15:41] <aklempert> then let's start the gathering at 1800. i will be there
[15:41] <Jon___> brilliant.  looking forward to it
[15:41] <Austin> I should be arriving on the same train as Lodewijk, but it might be slightly later.
[15:41] <aklempert> with dinner probably around 1900, depending on when anybody else arrives
[15:42] <anirudh> 1755 hrs, Frankfurt arrival
[15:42] <Bence_WMDE> I'll arrive at around 1:30 pm at the airport
[15:43] <Jon___> Can everybody add their arrival times to the chart on http://movementroles.wikimedia.org/wiki/Agenda_for_MR_workgroup_meeting_2011-1-29/30?
[15:45] <Austin> I see that Lodewijk has helpfully said "w/ Austin" as his arrival time, so now I need to find my ticket and fill it in for both of us.  :)
[15:45] <Jon___> We have a short agenda this week, and it looks like we have almost completed it
[15:46] <Jon___> Is there anything else on the agenda or logistics for the meeting?
[15:46] <Bence_WMDE> (sorry, I have to leave to catch my train)
[15:46] <Jon___> See you next weekend, Bence
[15:46] <Bence_WMDE> bye all
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[15:50] <Asaf> Are we done?
[15:50] <Jon___> I think we are set for next weekend
[15:50] <Jon___> If everyone can add to the tough topics in the meantime ...
[15:51] <Jon___> I think we have completed the agenda.  Is there anything else anyone wants to air before we finish today?
[15:54] <del_droid> nope
[15:54] <del_droid> except sorry about the spotty presence
[15:54] <del_droid> :(
[15:55] <Asaf> Okay, bye everyone.
[15:55] <Jon___> Let's look forward to a great meeting next weekend in Raunheim
[15:55] <anirudh> Yes, let's.
[15:55] <Jon___> Travel safely, everyone
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[15:56] <anirudh> thanks, jon.  g'day/g'night everyone.
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[15:59] <del_droid> ciao :)
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