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Movement roles/Working group meeting 2011-2-11

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[19:57] == Jon___ [56a696da@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-roles
[19:57] <anirudh> hi jon___
[19:57] <Jon___> Hi Anirudh.
[19:57] <Jon___> Hi everyone
[19:57] == Austin [~austin@wikimedia/Austin] has joined #wikimedia-roles
[19:58] <Abbasjnr> Hi Jon
[19:58] == delphine_away [~notafish@unaffiliated/delphine] has joined #wikimedia-roles
[19:58] <Austin> Hi all
[19:59] <Abbasjnr> Hi Austin
[20:00] <Jon___> I've had apologies for absence from Bishakha, Morgan and Galio
[20:00] <Jon___> Barry also said that he might be coming late
[20:01] <Austin> I talked to him just a little while ago and he said he'd definitely be late at this point.
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[20:01] <Jon___> Hi Arne
[20:01] <Austin> Hey akl
[20:01] <aklempert> hello
[20:01] <Jon___> It looks like we are ready to go
[20:01] == delphine_away has changed nick to delphine
[20:01]  * delphine a attrapé un paquet de truites / caught quite a few trout
[20:02] <Jon___> Can we start with an update on progress this week?
[20:03] <Jon___> SJ and Lodewijk put up on the wiki the notes on the meeting in Frankfurt http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Movement_roles_project/Working_group_meeting_2011-1-29
[20:03] <delphine> yes. I'm late :/
[20:03] <Jon___> Hi Delphine
[20:03] <anirudh> Me too.  :-(
[20:04] <Jon___> We sent out emails to each of foundation-l and internal-l pointing to page on meta
[20:04] <delphine> er, I missed those
[20:04] <delphine> but ok.
[20:05] <Austin> The subject was "Movement roles group meeting in Frankfurt"
[20:05] <delphine> I propose to finish the roles matrix thing this week-end, I doubt I can finish it before Monday.
[20:06] <aklempert> did we get any feedback yet? didn't have a look at the mailing lists or meta yet (just returning from a business trip)
[20:06] <Austin> None whatsoever.
[20:07] <delphine> ok
[20:07] <aklempert> well, could be a good or a bad sign
[20:07] <Jon___> I have received nothing by email
[20:07] <delphine> guys we need to work on our social media skills
[20:07] <delphine> change the subject nobody cares about movement roles meetings
[20:07] <delphine> but something like "change the world!"
[20:07] <delphine> I'm serious here, you know.
[20:08] <delphine> we need to be more crazy
[20:08] <delphine> or people won't care at all.
[20:08] == Asaf_ [4fb73665@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-roles
[20:08] <delphine> let's tweet it
[20:08] <delphine> and facebook it
[20:08] <Jon___> Hi Asaf
[20:08] <delphine> and what do I know :)
[20:08] <Asaf_> hullo.
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[20:09] <Austin> Well, we can ask Jay if we can slip something into the WMF feeds.
[20:09] <anirudh> Perphaps we could invite active Wikimedians from other IRC channels while we have our online meetings.
[20:09] <Austin> And there's a blurb going out in Erik's next report.
[20:10] <delphine> ok, that's good
[20:10] <Austin> (Courtesy of Sj)
[20:12] <Jon___> who would like to take the lead on getting the word out and seeing if we can get more of a response?
[20:12] <Austin> Well, I think we're all working on that, but particularly me
[20:12] <delphine> I don't want to take the lead, but I want to take a crack at making it fun
[20:12] <delphine> selling it
[20:12] == Abbas [50ca1d9f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-roles
[20:13] <delphine> Austin will help me :P. We need a xkcd cartoon
[20:13] <Austin> Ha
[20:13] <delphine> or something crazy like this
[20:13] <Jon___> great
[20:13] <Austin> The thing is, our PR machine is externally focused
[20:13] <delphine> Austin, you with me ?
[20:14] <Austin> There's not really a mechanism, outside of mailing lists and the like, to reach out to the community
[20:14] <Austin> Sure
[20:14] <Austin> I can draw stick figures
[20:14] <delphine> lol
[20:14] <delphine> anyway
[20:15] <delphine> I will get the matrix ou by Monday
[20:15] <delphine> and I will work on a fun genral email
[20:15] <Austin> "You guys! I just found out there's a project totally rocking the Wikimedia world!"
[20:15] <delphine> fun as in "catchy"
[20:15] <delphine> to get people involved
[20:15] <delphine> exactly
[20:15] <delphine> Anirudh, you got work to do
[20:16] <delphine> I started the inro
[20:16] <delphine> it's lame
[20:16] <delphine> the wiki table is already somewhere in the notes
[20:16] <Asaf_> xkcd-like caryoon would be cool.
[20:16] <delphine> so all we need to do
[20:16] <delphine> is copy/paste
[20:16] <Asaf_> er, I guess caryoon is the evil typo twin of cartoon.
[20:16] <delphine> rofl
[20:17] <anirudh> delphine, yes ma'am.
[20:17]  * delphine is getting all bossy :D
[20:17] <anirudh> I'm in Pune, have a track tomorrow with Tomasz and Arthur at GNUnify. ;p
[20:17] <delphine> I'll work on the comments/objections etc.
[20:17] <delphine> well, the night is long :P
[20:18] <anirudh> indeed, and I have the entire day after my track tomorrow
[20:18] <Austin> And speaking of things to edit on the wiki...
[20:18] <Austin> All of us need to work on developing http://movementroles.wikimedia.org/wiki/Charter
[20:19] == garfieldairlines [~garfielda@wikipedia/garfieldairlines] has joined #wikimedia-roles
[20:19] <Austin> A table of contents should come out of that somehow, and I'll admit that it's daunting
[20:19] == Theo10011 [~Theo@wikimedia/Theo10011] has joined #wikimedia-roles
[20:19] <Jon___> Hi Theo
[20:19] <Theo10011> Hi Jon
[20:19] <Jon___> good point, Austin.
[20:19] <garfieldairlines> mmmh shi- too late for me
[20:19] == garfieldairlines [~garfielda@wikipedia/garfieldairlines] has left #wikimedia-roles ["Leaving."]
[20:19] <Austin> But the goal was to have a developed ToC by this time next week
[20:20] <Austin> Er, is
[20:20] <Austin> I didn't mean to sound pessimistic :)
[20:20] <Jon___> Austin, which page are you using for the timeline for actions
[20:20] == effeietsanders [~eia@wikimedia/effeietsanders] has joined #wikimedia-roles
[20:20] <Austin> I'm still going off the notes from Frankfurt, but I really should revise [[Next steps]]
[20:21] <Jon___> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Movement_roles_project/2011-01-29/notes#Next_steps
[20:21] <Jon___> is that right?
[20:21] <Jon___> hi Lodewijk
[20:21] <Austin> That's right
[20:21] <effeietsanders> hi, sorry i'm late
[20:22] <Jon___> Looks like we have three actions between now and Friday morning: 1) the matrix; 2) the new models; and 3) the ToC for the charter
[20:22] <Austin> Correct
[20:22] <Jon___> Delphine, how is the matrix coming along?
[20:22] <Austin> That's what she was just nagging Anirudh about ;)
[20:22] <delphine> exactly :)
[20:23] <delphine> Anirudh works on the intro
[20:23] <delphine> the wiki table has been done by Sj I think
[20:23] <delphine> and I'll be working on the comments/objections/etc.
[20:23] <delphine> paln is to have it out by Monday
[20:23] <delphine> *plan too
[20:23] <Austin> I wikified it, but Sj transcluded it along with the rest and eliminated the colors
[20:23] <Austin> Which is another point that we might touch on
[20:23] <Austin> I personally don't care, but Sj flagged it for discussion
[20:24] <delphine> I want the colors in to start with
[20:24] <Austin> The one with the colors is on the MR wiki
[20:24] <delphine> I'm happy to put an editable matrix without colors
[20:24] <delphine> to get input
[20:24] <delphine> but the colored one should be there
[20:24] <delphine> so we can flag the objections
[20:24] <delphine> such as "everything is green" :)
[20:24] <Austin> http://movementroles.wikimedia.org/wiki/January_meeting/Activities_matrix is the one I did
[20:24] <Austin> Sj refined it
[20:25] <Jon___> where is SJ's version?
[20:25] <delphine> niiice
[20:25] <Austin> Looking for Sj's now
[20:25] <Austin> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Movement_roles_project/Working_group_meeting_2011-1-29/matrix
[20:26] <delphine> actually, this is exacty where the one with the colors should be
[20:26] <delphine> because whatever Sj thinks
[20:26] <delphine> the outcome of the meeting had the colors
[20:26] <aklempert> yep
[20:26] <Austin> Feel free to merge :)
[20:27] <delphine> Man, if I touch a wiki table
[20:27] <delphine> it's gone
[20:27] <delphine> for good
[20:27] <delphine> so no, I can't.
[20:27] <delphine> :D
[20:27] <Austin> Yeah, I didn't realize how big our matrix was until I started typing in individual cells
[20:27] <delphine> :D
[20:27] <delphine> so here is my proposal
[20:28] <delphine> effeietsanders you were working with Sj on the notes, so feel free to shut me up
[20:28] <GerardM-> How can people be attracted when the data is secret ?
[20:28] <delphine> we change the matrix in the notes to that with the colors
[20:28] <delphine> we take Sj's matrix as the matrix in the individual thing
[20:28] <delphine> as in "to be completed"
[20:28] <aklempert> GerardM-: can you be a little bit more specific? which data?
[20:28] <effeietsanders> delphine: I never intended to heavily edit the original data :) I saw it explicitely as raw data
[20:29] <effeietsanders> with the intention to allow people to have better versions
[20:29] <delphine> effeietsanders: good, then we agree :)
[20:29] <Austin> Gerard, sorry?some of the raw notes from the Frankfurt meeting were dumped on a private wiki while we cleaned it up and transcluded it to meta.
[20:29] <GerardM-> http://movementroles.wikimedia.org/wiki/January_meeting/Activities_matrix
[20:29] <effeietsanders> ideally keep the raw data available as well
[20:29] <delphine> ok
[20:29] <effeietsanders> GerardM-: it is roughly the same table as sj's
[20:29] <effeietsanders> just with colors
[20:29] <effeietsanders> coming soon
[20:31] <delphine> it's there
[20:31] <delphine> be happy
[20:31] <delphine> the cabal has come out of the woods
[20:32]  * delphine moved matrices around
[20:32] <effeietsanders> delphine: hmm, now some comments of sj are missing
[20:32] <effeietsanders> in the fifth column
[20:32] <effeietsanders> or rather, not sj's comments, but the comments-column
[20:32] <delphine> well, as Austin puts it
[20:32] <delphine> huh?
[20:33] <effeietsanders> http://meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Movement_roles_project/2011-01-29/roles_matrix&oldid=2368525
[20:33] <delphine> I see a comments column
[20:33] <Austin> Yeah, Sj had revised the comments column
[20:33] <effeietsanders> that contains different contents
[20:33] <Austin> For the better, I think
[20:33] <effeietsanders> so.. which was the original
[20:33] <delphine> effeietsanders: yes, but notes are notes
[20:33] <delphine> end of the story
[20:33] <effeietsanders> delphine: that is why i ask which was the original :P
[20:33] <delphine> and a direct transclusion of the google docs
[20:33] <delphine> is notes
[20:33] <delphine> the original is the one I just put on the page
[20:34] <effeietsanders> ok
[20:34] <delphine> with the colors
[20:34] <delphine> as Austin's comment states
[20:34] <Austin> I even kept the orange
[20:34] <delphine> a direct transclusion of the google sheet :)
[20:34] <delphine> lol
[20:34] <Austin> (Whatever we decided that means)
[20:34] <delphine> effeietsanders: can you add a quick legend for the colors?
[20:34] <delphine> Yes/No/Maybe/Orange-we-d'ont-know-what-this-is?
[20:35] <Austin> But I do think that Sj's extra notes have some additional, useful context
[20:35] <delphine> That's why I put Sj's roles matrix on the roles matrix page
[20:35] <delphine> I'm happy to start there with that one
[20:35] <Austin> That works
[20:37] <Austin> I do like opening the raw data up for argument
[20:37] <effeietsanders> delphine: ok, put up one. Feel free to correct me.
[20:38] <effeietsanders> Orange was reddish yellow
[20:38] <delphine> roflmao
[20:38] <effeietsanders> (or was it that only the Dutch would be allowed to do it?)
[20:38] <delphine> I don't see your changes
[20:38] <delphine> :(
[20:39] <delphine> nor do I see mine
[20:39] <effeietsanders> sorry
[20:39] <delphine> cache problems or what?
[20:39] <Austin> Me neither
[20:39] <effeietsanders> loss of data
[20:39] <effeietsanders> try again
[20:39] <Jon___> you guys are making good progress on the matrix
[20:39] <delphine> lol@Jon :P
[20:39] <delphine> effeietsanders: my change is in the history
[20:39] <delphine> but it does not show on the page
[20:40] <delphine> yours too
[20:40] <delphine> Sj jinxed the page!
[20:40] <effeietsanders> here it does
[20:40] <delphine> I'm sure
[20:40] <effeietsanders> both
[20:40] <Asaf_> Maybe we're having a Bad Internet Day, not just a Bad IRC Day.
[20:40] <Jon___> LOL
[20:40] <Jon___> Can we check back in on the agenda
[20:40] <Jon___> ?
[20:40] <delphine> ok, well, I'll trust the history, not my eyes
[20:40] <effeietsanders> good plan :)
[20:40] <Jon___> We've got  three actions between now and Friday morning: 1) the matrix; 2) the new models; and 3) the ToC for the charter
[20:41] <delphine> 1) on Monday
[20:41] <Jon___> Looks like the matrix is coming along
[20:41] == DarkoNeko [~darkoneko@wikipedia/darkoneko] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[20:41] <Jon___> Galio is in the lead for #2
[20:41] <Jon___> And we should all make suggestions for #3
[20:41] <Jon___> austin, have I missed anything?
[20:42] <effeietsanders> where can we discuss ToC?
[20:42] <effeietsanders> can we have a specific email about that on the mailing list by our honored process whip?
[20:42] <effeietsanders> :P
[20:42] <Austin> We did :)
[20:42] <effeietsanders> (otherwise I forget ;-) )
[20:42] <Austin> Check your e-mail
[20:42] <Austin> But I'll send more ;)
[20:43] <Austin> The raw stuff is at http://movementroles.wikimedia.org/wiki/Charter
[20:43] <Austin> But ideally that should move to meta asap
[20:43] <Austin> The idea was to develop a fairly coherent table of contents by the 18th
[20:43] <Austin> Just a basic list of points
[20:43] <Jon___> which we can discuss on our next chat
[20:43] <effeietsanders> whoops, i missed that email
[20:44] <Austin> Then put something on meta for everyone to work on
[20:44] <effeietsanders> I'm fine to move it to meta as we speak
[20:44] <aklempert> Austin: no, we wanted to move it to meta on the 18th
[20:44] <effeietsanders> and have the discussion there
[20:44] <aklempert> not before
[20:44] <delphine> Dear Austin, can we get rid of the ;
[20:44] <effeietsanders> but not for others ;-)
[20:44] <delphine> and go with === ?
[20:44] <delphine> Make editing easy :P
[20:45] <Austin> akl: I'm not sure how what you just said contradicts what I just said :)
[20:45] <delphine> aklempert: got all excited about the asap
[20:45] <delphine> (i'm meta gaming here)
[20:45] <Austin> Hehe
[20:45] <delphine> so we agree
[20:45] <Austin> And yes, Del, I agree
[20:45] <delphine> that stuff stays on mr wiki
[20:45] <delphine> until the 18th
[20:46] <Austin> I just copied that from the etherpad, where I think sj got hot and heavy with the wikimarkup
[20:46] <delphine> ok
[20:46] <delphine> actually, you only need to go "Sj"
[20:46] == bnewstead [~chatzilla@] has joined #wikimedia-roles
[20:46] <delphine> the rest follows naturally
[20:46] <effeietsanders> hey B
[20:46] <delphine> :P
[20:46] <Austin> Nah, I don't want to throw him under the bus :)
[20:46] <Jon___> hey Barry
[20:46] <Austin> Hey Barry
[20:46] <delphine> saludos Barry
[20:46] <bnewstead> Hi - thought I'd join the last few mins.
[20:47] <Austin> Good to have you--we're just talking about the table of contents
[20:47] <delphine> bnewstead: can you draw stick figures?
[20:47] <effeietsanders> so, but what is a good way to move with this ToC?
[20:47] <Austin> And a desperate need for a cartoonist, yes
[20:47] <effeietsanders> just everybody edit the page?
[20:47] <effeietsanders> or is there something extra we can do?
[20:47] <Austin> Lodewijk: that was my idea, yeah
[20:47] <effeietsanders> I assume we discuss it in a bit more detail next week?
[20:47] <Austin> Try to form something out of the chaos
[20:48] <Austin> I think we should discuss it throughout the week
[20:48] <Jon___> Sounds like the agenda for next week is 1) review of reactions to Frankfurt minutes and the matrix; 2) the Charter ToC; and 3) new models from Galio, perhaps
[20:48] <effeietsanders> (not sure I can join though)
[20:48] <effeietsanders> 3) not perhaps imho ;-)
[20:49] <effeietsanders> but i understand galio is not very internet-available
[20:49] <Jon___> if we encourage more people to our page on meta, and get the matrix up, we could have some more reactions to consider
[20:49] <Austin> Galio is busy today, but I'll send another prodding e-mail by Monday
[20:49] <Jon___> galio is up for the new models, which may mean he needs help from the rest of his team
[20:50] <Jon___> Austin, can you seen if he needs help and support from the others who signed up with him for 'new models'?
[20:50] <Theo10011> Jon, may I step in?
[20:50] <Jon___> please
[20:50] <Theo10011> I am not up on the conversation that's been going on.
[20:50] <Theo10011> but I was asked by someone to submit the initial questions.
[20:50] <Theo10011> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Movement_roles_project/Initial_Questions/Theo10011
[20:51] <Theo10011> I wanted clarification about "groups"
[20:51] <Theo10011> in Wikimedia Movement
[20:51] <Theo10011> seems like a abstract term.
[20:51] <delphine> oh myt
[20:51] <Theo10011> mind providing some context.
[20:51] <delphine> oh my
[20:51] <delphine> not again :)
[20:51] <Austin> That's a very complicated question, Theo. :)
[20:51] <delphine> Theo10011: yes, it is :)
[20:51] <effeietsanders> Theo10011: it is one of the goals of this process to figure that out ;-)
[20:51] <Theo10011> sorry Delphine, I'm not up on any previous discussions.
[20:52] <Austin> It's a fair one, but probably something best taken up on the wiki.
[20:52] <Theo10011> well it needs sub-categorization.
[20:52] <delphine> Theo10011: I know. I didn't mean it negatively, but rather... darn, this is a question we REALLY need to answer :)
[20:52] <Austin> And Jon: yes, I'll keep prodding them on my now-regular basis.
[20:52] <aklempert> Theo10011: indeed
[20:52] <Theo10011> and some form of refinement, because I felt the term is too wide as well.
[20:52] <effeietsanders> Theo10011: as for your question, feel free to make any categories in your answer as you like
[20:52] <delphine> it definitely is
[20:52] <delphine> I think that was one point of agreement
[20:52] <delphine> groups
[20:52] <delphine> just does not cut it :/
[20:53] <Austin> I don't think there are any two people working on this project with the same notion of what a "group" constitutes, exactly.
[20:53] <Jon___> we chose the word "groups", IIRC, because it is broad - and can therefore include chapters, other entities, and the largest possible range of "groups"
[20:54] <Jon___> our brief was to be broad and inclusive in our thinking
[20:54] <Theo10011> well sub-categorizations now, might be a bit more helpful?
[20:55] <Austin> At this stage in the process, we're not sure what a "group" might be.
[20:55] <Austin> Like effeietsanders says, that's part of what we're doing.
[20:55] <Theo10011> well there is an official entity-chapters,
[20:56] <Jon___> perhaps we could have a page of definitions and categorizations to stimulate thinking
[20:56] <Theo10011> would groups encompass those or be separate from those?
[20:56] <Jon___> encompass
[20:56] <delphine> Theo10011: I have a challenge for you
[20:56] <Theo10011> ok.
[20:56] <Austin> That depends
[20:56] <Theo10011> go ahead Delphine.
[20:56]  * delphine chuckles
[20:56] <Austin> When it comes to the roles matrix, no
[20:56] <delphine> How about you take the talk page of our work-in-progress matrix thingy
[20:57] <delphine> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Movement_roles/Roles_Matrix
[20:57] <aklempert> isn't this part of the "new models" discussion we want to start next week?
[20:57] <Theo10011> I can, but I need some clarification myself.
[20:57] <delphine> and start brainstorming away about "groups"
[20:57] <delphine> that's ok
[20:57] <delphine> we all do
[20:57] <Theo10011> hah
[20:57] <delphine> so I think we should just start
[20:57] <delphine> and then take away what we collectively think does not make sense
[20:57] <delphine> and I find that a little outside perspective
[20:57] <Theo10011> well it includes chapters, I think we established that.
[20:58] <delphine> is a good way to trim things
[20:58] <Theo10011> that's 90% of what we need.
[20:58] <Austin> Theo: if we could give you clarification, we wouldn't be doing this right now. ;)
[20:58] <Austin> We're all in the same boat.
[20:59] <Theo10011> well lets for the sake of argument focus on the chapters.
[20:59] <Theo10011> they are the majority stake-holders in this project?
[20:59] <Jon___> no
[20:59] <Jon___> although the chapters are the majority of participants, if that makes sense
[21:00] <effeietsanders> Theo10011: for the sake of argument it could be easy to use two groups: chapters and "other organized groups"
[21:00] <Theo10011> they certainly seem to be in my opinion as an outsider.
[21:00] <Austin> Theo: I think that the best thing to do would be to thoroughly read http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Movement_roles_project/2011-01-29/notes
[21:00] <effeietsanders> Theo10011: they are most visible, but the potential of the "other groups" is also high
[21:00] <Theo10011> you would have to expand on
[21:01] <delphine> again
[21:01] <Theo10011> "other groups" effie
[21:01] <Theo10011> that's what I'm missing
[21:01] <delphine> I don't think we can solve this here
[21:01] <Jon___> would it make sense to put a page on meta on this topic so we can develop our thinking together?
[21:01] <bnewstead> I'm going to depart as quietly as I arrived...will catch up soon.
[21:01] <Austin> Those are our raw notes from the meeting we had in Frankfurt two weekends ago, and although they still lack context, they'll do a lot to catch you up on where we stand right now
[21:01] <delphine> yeah, wiki is the way
[21:01] <anirudh> We're in the process of getting inputs from the community so that we may have a general consensus over the term.  As of now it includes the Foundation and the Chapters (which are the legal entities associated with the movement).  But would it include non-legal associations like WM Brasil, for instance or WMCAT, or a WikiProject?  Everyone has a different opinion, but we have to work with what is common to our understandin
[21:01] == bnewstead [~chatzilla@] has left #wikimedia-roles []
[21:01] <Jon___> cheers
[21:01] <effeietsanders> Theo10011: I can give examples, but the exact boundaries are under discussion :)
[21:01] <Theo10011> go ahead effeie :)
[21:01] <delphine> Theo10011: please, not now?
[21:02] <Theo10011> are you asking or telling?
[21:02] <delphine> we have an agenda to meet as of... 1 minute ago.
[21:02] <Theo10011> I understand.
[21:02] <effeietsanders> Theo10011: I think the idea is to take this discussion to the wiki
[21:02] <delphine> yep
[21:02] <effeietsanders> that might be best indeed
[21:02] <effeietsanders> that way more people can participate
[21:02] <Austin> Theo: It's clear that you have a lot of ideas on this project, which is great!
[21:02] <Theo10011> Sorry to barge in on any planned discussions guys.
[21:02] <effeietsanders> and we can give probably more thorough answers
[21:02] <Theo10011> wasn't my intention.
[21:03] <Jon___> very valuable intervention, Theo.  thanks for joining us
[21:03] <Theo10011> I actually mailed some to Jon a few minutes ago.
[21:03] <delphine> Theo10011: this is an important discussion, but it warrants being recorded
[21:03] <Austin> Please don't think that we're trying to kick you out or ridicule you for being a newb
[21:03] <delphine> and IRC is not the place, /me thinks
[21:03] <Theo10011> ah
[21:03] <Jon___> process check, guys
[21:03] <effeietsanders> Jon___: any topics left on the agenda for now?
[21:03] <Jon___> we are over time for the call
[21:04] <Jon___> I think we are done ... it looks as if we have a plan for the week and an agenda for the next call
[21:04] <delphine> cool.
[21:04] <effeietsanders> ok, great
[21:04] <Jon___> anything else people want to raise?
[21:05] <effeietsanders> communicate communicate communicate ;-)
[21:05] <delphine> if you know cartoonists
[21:05] <delphine> send them my way ;)
[21:05] <Austin> Theo: if you'll message me with your e-mail address, I'll send you some links to look at and see what I can do to get you up to speed.
[21:05] <aklempert> O
[21:05] <aklempert>  |
[21:05] <effeietsanders> delphine: apparently on outreachwiki there is a place to ask for visualization help
[21:05] <Theo10011> Thanks Austin.
[21:05] <Jon___> have a great weekend everyone
[21:05] <Austin> akl: stick figure fail
[21:05] <effeietsanders> try lennart
[21:05] <Theo10011> I'm an admin on Meta and available on IRC most times, if you ever wanna grab me.
[21:06] <delphine> yes, great week-end ahead :)
[21:06] <Theo10011> Thanks everyone.
[21:06] <Theo10011> Have a good Weekend.
[21:07] <Jon___> thanks, all
[21:08] == Shirley [sex@wikipedia/MZMcBride] has joined #wikimedia-roles
[21:08] <Shirley> Lurking in the shadows. Typical.
[21:08] <delphine> tsk tsl
[21:08] <delphine> tsk
[21:08] <delphine> two minutes late ;)
[21:09] <Asaf_> cheers
[21:09] <Shirley> Maybe at some point I'll understand why any of this "movement roles" nonsense is worth anything.
[21:10] <Shirley> Seems like a bad mix of the strategy + internal.
[21:10] == Abbas [50ca1d9f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[21:11] <Shirley> Austin: You're not going to say hello?
[21:12] <effeietsanders> hanw!
[21:12] == effeietsanders [~eia@wikimedia/effeietsanders] has left #wikimedia-roles []