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The Wikimedia movement is building a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. As part of the movement, we are committed to working in harmony with other Wikimedia groups. While each group sets its own goals, they are connected to global movement priorities, and no groups work should actively hinder the work of another.

Shared values


We are committed to free access to knowledge, transparency, openness, independence, quality, and privacy.

In working towards universal access to knowledge, we continually aim to reach and support communities not currently reached by our projects.

We pledge to share our work and experiences, both successes and failures. We are committed to sharing criticism and suggestions in a positive way, and to learning from one another.

Our work is public and open to anyone who can contribute. We support diversity, multi-culturalism, and non-discrimination in everything that we do.

Shared accountability


We are committed to transparency and honesty in sharing our mission, goals, policies, activities, governance, structure, funding and finances.

We are accountable to many stakeholders, including:

  • each other, in a spirit of respect and collaboration;
  • the part of the movement that we are trying to support;
  • our members and our local Wikimedia community;
  • the rest of the Wikimedia movement;
  • our readers and the reusers of our work.

We are mutually accountable and responsible for:

  • adherence to movement principles and values;
  • reporting what we do, including how these activities help realize our shared vision;
  • the reputation of the Wikimedia movement and project brands;
  • public perception and partnerships;
  • how we receive and spend money;
  • how our groups govern each other;
  • and mutual commitments.

Every Wikimedia group should report its self-assessment annually. In addition, formally recognized Wikimedia movement groups are expected to abide by accountability standards should provide reporting to meet these standards.

Collaboration and decision-making


We decide together the goals of the whole movement, the path to those goals, and what we find most important.

Wikimedia groups work together without assuming a hierarchy. Some rights and obligations are limited to certain groups. The name and trademarks of the Wikimedia projects are entrusted to the Wikimedia Foundation, and official recognition and permission to use those names is handled through agreements with the Foundation.

We are committed to settling disputes between groups internally. The Wikimedia Foundation Board should be involved only as a last resort to resolve disputes among other Wikimedia groups.