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Movement roles project/Annual Planning Cycle/Example

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Groups whose fiscal years do not start on January 1 may hit some of the milestones below earlier. For instance, the WMF fiscal year starts on July 1, and it develops its annual plan by the end of the 2d quarter (3 months earlier than the deadline below), but still "by October 1" in time for a consolidated discussion then.

First quarter of the calendar year[edit]

All groups reports on and review the prior year's performance including both financial performance and results against impact goals.

All groups share their own goals for the year.

Second quarter[edit]

Groups begin discussions with their Board of Trustees and stakeholders about the impact and effectiveness of current activities and major priorities for the next year.

Annual plan task force reviews results of prior year in light of strategic plan, and recommends movement targets for next year.

Third quarter[edit]

Each group develops its annual plan for next year in context of movement goals. These plans should form the basis for either setting a fundraising target or developing a grant to support the annual plan. Each group shares its budget for the next year, reflecting its plan and in coordination with other collaborating groups. The plans should be reviewed publicly with local stakeholders, and should be finalized before October 1.

Metrics include alignment with short-term movement goals, longer-term strategic plan, and synergy or redundancy with plans of fellow groups.

Fourth quarter[edit]

Fundraising begins. Reporting on last year's work begins.