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Public questions

Please answer these on a separate page!


  • Goal achievement - the Wikimedia movement strategy has just been published with some very clear goals ... where is the current set of Wikimedia groups and entities on target to hit the goals, and where is it falling short?
  • Goal alignment - some in the chapters have questioned the right of the Wikimedia Foundation to set goals for the movement ... how well can the movement align around a shared set of goals, and what should the movement do or not when chapters are not aligned with goals?

Priorities and allocating resources

  • Funding - how best should money flow to align with movement priorities?
  • Legitimacy - the vast majority of Wikimedians do not affiliate with any specific entity, chapter or group ... if there are 100,000 users making 5+ edits a month, as far as we can tell, only ~1-2% is a member of a chapter or group ... does this mean that we either need to make groups more relevant to individuals, or entities less important in the movement, or both?

Decision making

  • Board decision making - where does the Wikimedia Foundation board have a role in making decisions for the movement, or not, and should this change?
  • Other movement-wide decision-making - the Wikimedia movement has evolved a set of decision-making bodies (e.g. Chap Com) and processes that may not scale well ... which decision-making processes need to be improved now and in the future to make them more effective, more efficient and more responsive?
  • Peers - some other volunteer-based global organizations have avoided national chapters (e.g. Mozilla), de-emphasized them (e.g. Creative Commons), or worked hard to globalize them (e.g. Medécins Sans Frontières) ... what would you most like to understand about peers?

group and individual feedback


note: all individuals and groups in the movement are encouraged to provide such feedback