Museum Documentation Program/Indian Museum, Kolkata - Phase I

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Indian Museum Building with Quadrangle - Inside North View - Indian Museum - Kolkata 2014-02-14 9248.JPG
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Phase I of documentation at Indian Museum, Kolkata is an one-day event to systematically photo-document the rich collections of the said museum as much as possible under Museum Documentation Program of West Bengal Wikimedians User Group


  • Photo-document as many collection as possible
  • Upload them to Wikimedia Commons and categorize properly
  • Generate metadata for each artifacts in Wikidata
  • Create articles in Bengali and English Wikipedia (long-term goal)


  • Date - 29 April, 2018


  • SuvadipSanyal - photodocument the collections, upload them to Commons
  • Bodhisattwa - categorise the images, generate metadata