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NEH grant

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There are more than one (currently two) grants from the w:National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) that Wikimedia might qualify for.

Reference materials grant


The NEH is offering a sizable grant for:

  • databases and electronic archives that codify and integrate humanities materials, or provide bibliographical control of a subject or field;
  • print and online encyclopedias about various fields in the humanities or about a particular area or subject;
  • historical, etymological, and bilingual dictionaries that document a language, as well as reference grammars and other linguistic tools;
  • tools for spatial analysis and representation of humanities data, such as atlases and geographical information systems (GIS); and
  • descriptive catalogs that provide detailed information about humanities materials.

The deadline is July 15, 2004. Today is June 28, 2004. We can meet this deadline.

Please review the grant here 1 and what part of the application packet you would like to work on. A coordination page is at NEH Reference materials grant application.

Consultation grant


The NEH is providing a modest grant for:

"Helping museums, libraries, historical organizations, and community organizations develop a new project or chart a new interpretive direction for an institution. By using a Consultation grant, institutions can confer with a team of advisors to help identify key humanities themes and questions that will guide the early stages of a project's development."

(See section titled "grant program description").

However, the grant is not for "projects whose primary purpose is archival rather than interpretive". Wikipedia is not original research, so this could be a problem.



Please review the grant and its small print. Also find out about w:Research misconduct and review the NEH's policy on it.

A coordination page will be at NEH Consultation grant application