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(Feel free to translate the instructions and the table header in your language. Create Names of Wikimedia languages/message-hu and replace the existing template.)

This is the list of Wikimedia languages to be translated into Hungarian language.

  • The first column is the link to the Wikipedia page in your own language. It’s red with the text "Page not found" if there is no article about that language on your Wikipedia. (As a reminder that you should create the article :) ). Otherwise, it’s lime green.
  • The second column is the language name in English. This could be replaced with your local fallback language or additional columns should be added. (For example, if you are a native speaker of Aymara, this column could be in Spanish.) Always lime green to tell you that not everything is red or yellow :P
  • The third column is the link to the wiki. Don’t touch it (except you find some error). Always lime green for motivational purposes, as well.
  • The fourth column is the language name in your language. Use this column for translation. Important: Use the full prescriptive name of the language in your language, as it would be written in a dictionary (or in the middle of a sentence, unmarked). Thus, English language, not "English", nor "the English language"; in Italian lingua italiana not "Lingua italiana", nor "italiano"; in German italienische Sprache, not Italienisch. It’s red if there is no data, it’s yellow if the text is the product of our guess how it should be written and it should be lime (light green) if you manually wrote or checked it.
  • The fifth column is the list of grammatical categories (in English language) for the particular language word or phrase in your language. Thus, if the language name is a noun phrase, you should write in this column "n". If the language name is noun and has gender category feminine, you should write there "n, f". Red by default; should be lime when you add grammatical categories.
  • The sixth column should be used for automatic generation of lexical entries in non-native Wiktionary. For example: "голуб, n, m, [[pigeon]] in [[w:Serbian language|Serbian language]]". If you don’t want a link to a Wikipedia page, just write the plain text; if you have a Wiktionary page about that language and want that link, write the link to that page. Red by default; should be lime after you add grammatical categories.
  • The seventh column is for comments particularly related to that entry. Otherwise, please use general talk page for comments.

The data are licensed under CC0, as they should be incorporated into Wikidata at the end of the process.


Article on Hungarian language Wikipedia Article on English Wikipedia Wiki Language name in Hungarian language Grammatical categories "in language" in Hungarian language Comments
Page not found! Afar language aa afar nyelv n
Abház nyelv Abkhaz language ab abház nyelv n
Page not found! Acehnese language ace acehi nyelv n
Afrikaans nyelv Afrikaans af afrikaans nyelv n
Page not found! Akan language ak akan nyelv n
Alemann nyelvjárás Alemannic German als alemann nyelvjárás n
Amhara nyelv Amharic am amhara nyelv n
Aragóniai nyelv Aragonese language an aragóniai nyelv n
Óangol nyelv Anglo-Saxon language ang óangol nyelv n
Arab nyelv Arabic language ar arab nyelv n
Arámi nyelv Aramaic language arc arámi nyelv n
Egyiptomi arab nyelv Egyptian Arabic language arz egyiptomi arab nyelv n
Asszámi nyelv Assamese language as asszámi nyelv n
Aszturleóni nyelv Asturian language ast asztúriai nyelv n
Page not found! Avar language av avar nyelv n
Page not found! Aymara language ay ajmara nyelv n
Azeri nyelv Azerbaijani language az azeri nyelv n
Baskír nyelv Bashkir language ba baskír nyelv n
Page not found! Bavarian language bar bajor nyelvjárás n
Szamogit nyelv Samogitian language bat-smg szamogit nyelv n
Page not found! Central Bikol language bcl
Belarusz nyelv Belarusian language be belarusz nyelv n
Page not found! Taraškievica orthography of Belarusian language be-x-old
Bolgár nyelv Bulgarian language bg bolgár nyelv n
Page not found! Bihari languages bh bihári nyelvek n
Page not found! Bislama bi biszlama nyelv n
Page not found! Banjar language bjn bandzsar nyelv n
Page not found! Bambara language bm bambara nyelv n
Bengáli nyelv Bengali language bn bengáli nyelv n
Tibeti nyelv Tibetan language bo tibeti nyelv n
Page not found! Bishnupriya Manipuri language bpy
Breton nyelv Breton language br Breton nyelv
Bosnyák nyelv Bosnian language bs Bosnyák nyelv
Page not found! Buginese language bug
Page not found! Buryat language bxr
Katalán Catalan language ca katalán
Chabacano nyelv Chavacano language cbk-zam Chabacano nyelv
Page not found! Eastern Min language cdo
Csecsen nyelv Chechen language ce Csecsen nyelv
Page not found! Cebuano language ceb
Page not found! Chamorro language ch
Page not found! Choctaw language cho
Cseroki nyelv Cherokee language chr Cseroki nyelv
Page not found! Cheyenne language chy
Surani Central Kurdish language ckb Surani
Korzikai nyelv Corsican language co Korzikai nyelv
Page not found! Cree language cr
Krími tatár nyelv Crimean Tatar language crh Krími tatár nyelv
Cseh Czech language cs cseh
Kasub nyelv Kashubian language csb Kasub nyelv
Óegyházi szláv nyelv Old Church Slavonic language cu Óegyházi szláv nyelv
Csuvas nyelv Chuvash language cv csuvas nyelv
Walesi nyelv Welsh language cy Walesi nyelv
Dán Danish language da dán
Német German language de német
Zazaki nyelv Zazaki language diq Zazaki nyelv
Page not found! Lower Sorbian language dsb
Maldív nyelv Maldivian language dv Maldív nyelv
Page not found! Dzongkha dz
Page not found! Ewe language ee
Görög Greek language el görög
Emilián–romanyol nyelv Emiliano-Romagnolo language eml Emilián–romanyol nyelv
Angol English language en angol
Eszperantó Esperanto eo eszperantó
Spanyol Spanish language es spanyol
Észt Estonian language et észt
Baszk Basque language eu baszk
Page not found! Extremaduran language ext
Perzsa nyelv Persian language fa Perzsa nyelv
Page not found! Fula language ff
Finn Finnish language fi finn
Võro nyelv Võro language fiu-vro Võro nyelv
Page not found! Fijian language fj
Feröeri nyelv Faroese language fo feröeri nyelv
Francia French language fr francia
Frankoprovanszál nyelv Franco-Provençal language frp Frankoprovanszál nyelv
Page not found! North Frisian language frr
Friuli nyelv Friulian language fur Friuli nyelv
Page not found! West Frisian language fy
Ír Irish language ga ír
Gagauz nyelv Gagauz language gag Gagauz nyelv
Page not found! Gan Chinese language gan
Skót gael nyelv Scottish Gaelic language gd Skót gael nyelv
Galiciai nyelv Galician language gl galiciai nyelv
Page not found! Gilaki language glk
Page not found! Guarani language gn
Gót nyelv Gothic language got Gót nyelv
Gudzsaráti Gujarati language gu gudzsaráti
Manx nyelv Manx language gv Manx nyelv
Page not found! Hausa language ha
Page not found! Hakka Chinese hak
Hawaii Hawaiian language haw hawaii
Héber Hebrew language he héber
Hindi Hindi hi hindi
Page not found! Fiji Hindi hif
Hiri motu nyelv Hiri Motu language ho Hiri motu nyelv
Horvát Croatian language hr horvát
Page not found! Upper Sorbian language hsb
Haiti kreol nyelv Haitian Creole ht Haiti kreol nyelv
Magyar Hungarian language hu magyar
Örmény Armenian language hy örmény
Page not found! Herero language hz
Interlingva Interlingua ia interlingva
Indonéz Indonesian language id indonéz
Occidental nyelv Occidental language ie Occidental nyelv
Page not found! Igbo language ig
Page not found! Nuosu language ii
Page not found! Inupiat language ik
Page not found! Ilokano language ilo
Ido Ido io ido
Izlandi nyelv Icelandic language is izlandi nyelv
Olasz Italian language it olasz
Inuktitut nyelv Inuktitut iu Inuktitut nyelv
Japán Japanese language ja japán
Lojban nyelv Lojban jbo Lojban nyelv
Page not found! Javanese language jv
Grúz Georgian language ka grúz
Page not found! Karakalpak language kaa
Kabil nyelv Kabyle language kab Kabil nyelv
Page not found! Kabardian language kbd
Page not found! Kongo language kg
Page not found! Gikuyu language ki
Page not found! Kwanyama dialect kj
Page not found! Kazakh language kk
Grönlandi nyelv Greenlandic language kl Grönlandi nyelv
Khmer nyelv Khmer language km Khmer nyelv
Kannada nyelv Kannada kn Kannada nyelv
Koreai Korean language ko koreai
Page not found! Komi-Permyak language koi
Page not found! Kanuri language kr
Page not found! Karachay-Balkar language krc
Page not found! Kashmiri language ks
Page not found! Ripuarian language ksh
Kurd nyelv Kurdish languages ku Kurd nyelv
Komi nyelv Komi language kv komi nyelv
Korni nyelv Cornish language kw Korni nyelv
Kirgiz nyelv Kyrgyz language ky Kirgiz nyelv
Latin Latin language la latin
Ladino nyelv Judaeo-Spanish language lad Ladino nyelv
Luxemburgi Luxembourgish language lb luxemburgi
Page not found! Lak language lbe
Page not found! Lezgian language lez
Page not found! Luganda lg
Page not found! Limburgish language li
Page not found! Ligurian language lij
Lombard nyelv Lombard language lmo Lombard nyelv
Page not found! Lingala ln
Lao Lao language lo lao
Litván Lithuanian language lt litván
Latgal nyelv Latgalian language ltg Latgal nyelv
Lett Latvian language lv lett
Page not found! Maithili language mai
Page not found! Banyumasan dialect map-bms
Moksa nyelv Moksha language mdf Moksa nyelv
Page not found! Malagasy language mg
Page not found! Marshallese language mh
Page not found! Meadow Mari language mhr
Maori Māori language mi maori
Page not found! Minangkabau language min
Macedón Macedonian language mk macedón
Malajálam nyelv Malayalam ml Malajálam nyelv
Mongol nyelv Mongolian language mn Mongol nyelv
Moldáv nyelv Moldovan language mo Moldáv nyelv
Maráthi Marathi language mr maráthi
Page not found! Hill Mari language mrj
Maláj Malay language ms maláj
Máltai Maltese language mt máltai
Page not found! Muscogee language mus
Page not found! Mirandese language mwl
Burmai nyelv Burmese language my Burmai nyelv
Page not found! Erzya language myv
Mázandaráni nyelv Mazanderani language mzn Mázandaráni nyelv
Page not found! Nauruan language na
Azték nyelv Nahuatl nah Azték nyelv
Nápolyi nyelv Neapolitan language nap Nápolyi nyelv
Alnémet nyelv Low German language nds Alnémet nyelv
Page not found! Dutch Low Saxon language nds-nl
Page not found! Nepali language ne
Page not found! Newar language new
Page not found! Ndonga language ng
Holland Dutch language nl holland
Page not found! Norwegian Nynorsk language nn
Bokmål Norwegian Bokmål language no Bokmål
Novial nyelv Novial nov Novial nyelv
Page not found! Norman language nrm
Page not found! Northern Sotho language nso
Page not found! Navajo language nv
Page not found! Chewa language ny
Okcitán nyelv Occitan language oc Okcitán nyelv
Page not found! Oromo language om
Page not found! Oriya language or
Oszét nyelv Ossetian language os Oszét nyelv
Page not found! Punjabi language pa
Page not found! Pangasinan language pag
Page not found! Kapampangan language pam
Page not found! Papiamento pap
Page not found! Picard language pcd
Pennsylvaniai német nyelv Pennsylvania German language pdc Pennsylvaniai német nyelv
Pfalzi nyelv Palatine German language pfl Pfalzi nyelv
Páli nyelv Pali pi Páli nyelv
Page not found! Norfuk language pih
Lengyel Polish language pl lengyel
Piemonti nyelv Piedmontese language pms Piemonti nyelv
Page not found! Lahnda language pnb
Pontoszi görög nyelv Pontic Greek language pnt Pontoszi görög nyelv
Page not found! Pashto language ps
Portugál Portuguese language pt portugál
Kecsua nyelv Quechuan languages qu kecsua nyelv
Romans Romansh language rm romans
Cigány nyelv Romani language rmy Cigány nyelv
Page not found! Kirundi rn
Román Romanian language ro román
Aromán nyelv Aromanian language roa-rup Aromán nyelv
Tarantói dialektus Tarantino language roa-tara Tarantói dialektus
Orosz Russian language ru orosz
Ruszin nyelv Rusyn language rue Ruszin nyelv
Page not found! Kinyarwanda rw
Szanszkrit Sanskrit sa szanszkrit
Page not found! Sakha language sah
Szárd nyelv Sardinian language sc Szárd nyelv
Szicíliai nyelv Sicilian language scn Szicíliai nyelv
Scots nyelv Scots language sco Scots nyelv
Page not found! Sindhi language sd
Északi számi nyelv Northern Sami se északi számi nyelv
Page not found! Sango language sg
Szerbhorvát nyelv Serbo-Croatian language sh Szerbhorvát nyelv
Szingaléz nyelv Sinhalese language si Szingaléz nyelv
Page not found! Simple English language simple
Szlovák Slovak language sk szlovák
Szlovén Slovene language sl szlovén
Page not found! Samoan language sm
Page not found! Shona language sn
Szomáli nyelv Somali language so Szomáli nyelv
Albán Albanian language sq albán
Szerb Serbian language sr szerb
Page not found! Sranan Tongo srn
Page not found! Swazi language ss
Page not found! Sotho language st
Page not found! Saterland Frisian language stq
Page not found! Sundanese language su
Svéd Swedish language sv svéd
Szuahéli Swahili language sw szuahéli
Sziléziai nyelv Silesian language szl Sziléziai nyelv
Tamil Tamil language ta tamil
Telugu Telugu language te telugu
Page not found! Tetum language tet
Tádzsik nyelv Tajik language tg Tádzsik nyelv
Thai Thai language th thai
Tigrinya nyelv Tigrinya language ti Tigrinya nyelv
Page not found! Turkmen language tk
Tagalog Tagalog language tl tagalog
Page not found! Tswana language tn
Tongai nyelv Tongan language to Tongai nyelv
Tok piszin nyelv Tok Pisin tpi Tok piszin nyelv
Török Turkish language tr török
Page not found! Tsonga language ts
Tatár nyelv Tatar language tt Tatár nyelv
Page not found! Tumbuka language tum
Page not found! Twi tw
Tahiti nyelv Tahitian language ty Tahiti nyelv
Tuvai nyelv Tuvan language tyv Tuvai nyelv
Udmurt nyelv Udmurt language udm Udmurt nyelv
Page not found! Uyghur language ug
Ukrán Ukrainian language uk ukrán
Urdu Urdu ur urdu
Üzbég nyelv Uzbek language uz Üzbég nyelv
Page not found! Venda language ve
Velencei nyelv Venetian language vec Velencei nyelv
Vepsze nyelv Veps language vep Vepsze nyelv
Vietnami Vietnamese language vi vietnami
Page not found! West Flemish language vls
Volapük nyelv Volapük vo Volapük nyelv
Page not found! Walloon language wa
Page not found! Waray-Waray language war
Volof nyelv Wolof language wo Volof nyelv
Page not found! Wu Chinese language wuu
Kalmük nyelv Kalmyk Oirat xal Kalmük nyelv
Page not found! Xhosa language xh
Mingrél nyelv Mingrelian language xmf Mingrél nyelv
Jiddis Yiddish language yi jiddis
Page not found! Yoruba language yo
Page not found! Zhuang languages za
Page not found! Zeelandic language zea
Kínai Chinese language zh kínai
Klasszikus kínai nyelv Classical Chinese language zh-classical Klasszikus kínai nyelv
Page not found! Southern Min language zh-min-nan
Kantoni nyelv Cantonese language zh-yue kantoni nyelv
Page not found! Zulu language zu