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Nordic Wikimedia/Berlin April 2018 Meet-up at Wikimedia Conference

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Wikimedia Conference 2017 dinner break Nordic meetup
Wikimedia Conference 2018 Nordic meetup
Nordic meet-up WMCON 2018
Berlin, Hotel Mercure Tempelhof, Kindle; 1300pm till 1350pm
  • Hogne Neteland (Wikimedia Norge),
  • John Andersson (Wikimedia Sverige),
  • Mattias Blomgren (WIkimedia Sverige),
  • Kaarel Vaidla (Wikimedia Eesti)
  • Finn Årup Nielsen (fnielsen) (talk) (Wikimedia Danmark),
  • Karen Mardahl (Wikimedia Danmark),
  • John Andersson (Wikimedia Sverige),
  • Heikki (Wikimedia Suomi
  • Tero (Wikimedia Suomi)
  • Jorid Martinsen (Wikimedia Norge)
  • Anne Kierkegaard (Wikimedia Deutschland/Danmark)


  1. How to move forward and upcoming events
  2. Wikimania 2019
  3. Communication plan
  4. Project ideas

Last meeting: Nordic Wikimedia/Berlin April 2017 Meet-up at Wikimedia Conference

Meeting minutes[edit]

Nordic Meeting

The main discussion centered on the Wikimedia Nordic Meeting. It is currently scheduled for 17th to 19th August, 2018. The discussion also included agenda items 2 and 3.

  • Funding:

Until now, there is no answer to the funding application. It is possible that the meeting will not receive funding from the WMF. It was agreed that the meeting should take place whether it is funded or not. Wikimedia Sverige will provide a venue for the meeting free of cost. If there is no funding, each local Chapter will have to cover travel and accommodation costs. There is also the possibility of meeting for just 1 day, instead of 2.

  • Date for the meeting:

It was agreed to stick to the planned dates until the funding issue has been clarified.

  • Program:
    • Ivo Kruusamägi has previously offered to be program responsible, and is probably still willing to do this. Ivo was not present at the meeting, Karen Mardahl offered to reach out during the conference.
  • The survey that was already conducted in relation to the grant application is a good basis for the program.
    • Wikimania 2019: Everyone were enthusiastic about the idea of supporting Sweden in hosting Wikimania 2019, adding a Northern Europe profile to the event.
    • Improving communication between the Boards and Chapters in the region: 1) it was proposed to establish a Northern Europe contact person or coordinator 2) Possible communication channels were discussed (monthly hangout; slack; making better use of the existing wiki page; including each other when sending out newsletters/pool content; actively using the mailing-list, which anybody can freely subscribe to)
    • Movement Strategy: the Strategy team is interested in strategy workshop during the meeting. This will probably only make sense if it will be a 2-days meeting.
  • Next steps: Have an online meeting once there is an answer regarding the grant application. Finn Nielsen will then set up a doodle to find a meeting time and date.

Project ideas was not discussed at the meeting, but is also a potential program point.