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Nordic Wikimedia/Gothenburg November 2012 Meeting

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Nordic Meeting at FSCONS in Göteborg 2012-11-10
10 November 2012
FSCONS, Göteborg
  • WMSE: Holger Motzkau, Bengt Oberger, Arild Vågen, Lars Aronsson, Mattias Blomgren
  • WMNO: Erlend Bjørtvedt
  • WMDK: Steen Thomassen, Kim Bach



The brochure is printed in 1 000 copies. It will be distributed in 250 copies to WMDK, 250 copies to WMNO and 500 copies to WMSE. WMSE intend to distribute a copy to each member.

It was discussed whether the brochure shall be updated at reprint. It doesn´t seem realistic to produce a new yearbook for 2012 during first half of 2013. A reworked version might be planned for during spring 2014? We shall try to involve WMFI.

Single copies will be sent out by WMSE to various Wikimedia chapters and WMF.

A page on which feedback can be given to be included in next version shall be setup.

Date for version of the brochure is missing and would be good to include in next version.

The yearbook was financed by Chelhea and it should be possible to get funding from them next time.

Sami project[edit]

To get contrubuors from sami Wikipedia in Norway they have to get paid. There is a great potential for this in the Norwedian Sami parliament. There are efforts done to reach school pupils in Finnmark to get more contributors to edit on Wikipedia and to do it without getting paid. WMNO will try to get in contact with the college in Alta.

WMNO have an associate professor as member of the board. They are missing a contact person/project manager in Finnmark. WMNO have plans for employing a person in the northern region, who can be responsible for these contacts.

Nine potential contributors on sami Wikipedia are in NO, SE and FI, of which six are found in Norway.

An important part would be to document the sami culture on sami Wikipedia. A proposal was to organize a photo safari, "Sami loves monuments". Pictures from Nordiska museet in Stockholm would be possible to make available on Commons, but that should be taken in a second step. The focus should be on the contemporary.

The project should be led by WMNO, but it shall be stated in the project charter that the project shall be sami, i.e. working across the national borders.


Only WMSE had handed in an application to FDC/WMF.

Funds Nordic council[edit]

Concrete, cross border projects, need to be discussed. One idea discussed was organizing photography in, for example, Svalbard, Grönland and the Faroe Islands, i.e. areas with a deficit of photos.

A project employment to take the responsibility of organizing a WLM in the Nordic countries. Focus should be placed on the islands in the North Atlantic, Greenland, Iceland and Faroe island and also the Arctic. It is high time to write an application if it shall be conducted in year 2013. WMNO and WMDK will take the responsibility of this.


WMSE has given one of the employees the task to find out the situation in WMFI. No contact has previously been possible to establish.

Chairman is Tommi Kovala, the board is presented on http://fi.wikimedia.org/wiki/Hallitus


Possible topics :

  • Bot creation of articles
  • The parish project (Sockenprojektet)
  • Beginners seminar

It was discussed if an own Wikipedia conference should be organized. WMNO had discussed to organize a common NO-DK conference on the ferry between Norway and Denmark, where the journey Denmark->Norway will be common.

Participation in other forums was discussed. The question should be raised what is expected to achieve.

WMNO organizes Wikimedia Academy, which is something special for the participants.

An event shall be something special for the participants och include social activities.

The question of organizing a common event was postponed. Invitations to each others events shall be done.

WL Companies[edit]

Information was given. WMSE will keep WMDK and WMNO informed via the mailing list.

Chapters Association[edit]

Was discussed. Should be brought up for further discussions in the boards.

Wikipedians in Residence[edit]

  • WMSE have two wikipedians employed by RAÄ.
  • WMDK have one wikipedian at Nationalmuseet (1 month) and Det Kongelige Blbliotek (3 months).
  • WMNO have two employed at Norsk Folkemuseum and one at Oslo museum. Discussions with Riksarkivet are ongoing. Norsk Arkitekturportal with five-six architects have placed their site in Wikipedia.

Next meeting[edit]

Possible occassions:

  • Chapters conference i Italy
  • Wikipedia Academy in Norway in April
  • FSCONS i Göteborg in November