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Opening Natural and Cultural Heritage in Indonesia

Opening Natural and Cultural Heritages in Indonesia (ONCHI for short) is an initiative to document the many natural and cultural heritages of Indonesia spread throughout the archipelago.

There are around 60,000+ of cultural heritage sites and tangible artefacts in the last count cited from the Indonesian government in 2013.[1] Another count in 2022 mentioned more than 100,000 registered tangible cultural heritages with 4,760 of them approved by the central government.[2] There are also 554 natural protected areas in Indonesia ranging from forest to national parks.[3]

At the time of the proposal on October 2023, it is unclear how many of these natural and cultural heritages are available in Wikipedia and Wikidata, and also has its documentations in Wikimedia Commons. Our initial assessment in Wikidata counted 547 items of Indonesian cultural heritages, of which only around 96 has the image (P18) statement.[4] Meanwhile, of the 280 natural heritage areas in Indonesia in Wikidata, only 91 have the image statement.[5] Pages for these artefacts, sites, and areas are also lacking in Wikimedia projects. It is lacking in Wikipedia articles like this: example 1, or having a picture of another artefact like this example 2, or has only one picture but it is an old, grainy picture from the colonial era such as this example 3, or actually has some pictures but only one from the modern era with the others being old pictures or the picture of its replica like this example 4. Some don’t even have pictures, items, and articles at all. For comparison, other countries like the United States have around 5,000+ natural and culturally protected areas in Wikidata with 3,400+ of them having images.


We are trying to bring changes to this by enriching the information of natural and cultural heritages in Indonesia in Wikipedia, Wikidata, and Commons.


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