Objective Revision Evaluation Service/Basic eq support announcement

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A screenshot of ScoredRevisions highlighting edits that need review in Special:RecentChanges.

Hey folks,

We (The Revision Scoring Team) are happy to announce the deployment of basic edit quality prediction support (via ORES) on WIKI NAME. This allows tools like ScoredRevisions to highlight edits that are likely to be vandalism on Special:RecentChanges. You can help us improve the accuracy of edit quality models by participating in the Wikipedia:Labels campaign and labeling more edits as "damaging" or "goodfaith". ORES detects vandalism and other damaging edits using a basic prediction model based on past reverted edits. ORES is an experimental technology. We encourage you to take advantage of it but also to be skeptical of the predictions made. It's a tool to support you – it can't replace you. Please reach out to us with your questions and concerns.

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