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One-year plan

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See also Three-year plan and Five-year plan
This plan is not official, but is a brainstorming area for any user to suggest to the board what their focus should be over the next three years.

More current than the three-year plan, and organized slighty differently for now. Will be merged into a parallel format soon.


  • collateral, artefacts of progress:
data sheets (traffic, popularity, content, ref,usage, user activity)
  • data collection. Feedback loops.
stats for the above, internal clickthru, ref, usabilitz studies
group wrk on papers, presentations, pubs.
better notes about users, personal(optional) info and communication/mail prefs...
  • people
open committees in charge of manz things ( main page, dev outreach, edition outreach, r responses and releases, grants, new projects, finance, disaster planning, trnslation, user outreadh, internal comunication, process review/auditing )
staff (local oncall sysadmin, secretary fo jwales)

Projects, prioritization, timelines

  • well-manicured list of projs, contacts, interconnections.
help visitors, newbies get a sense of structure
list competitors, possible futures, new missions, resources for editors, possible advisors and reviewers
projected timelines (order of operations, if not specific dates)
  • prioritization of pending tasks, even across projects (wrt dev, admin, overhead time in particular)
separate grant, dev, mission priorities
  • standards of reporting, policz, selfmonitoring. Ask this of internal projects, and external projs that want to be considered "blessed" or highlited
# of members, reports/ambassadors, unified discussion/help pages, addressing of wazs to add translations, wazs to directlz link to specific versions, easz thirdparty export/reuse.
public status-stats pages, more than just RC (but ecompassing it)

Users, community

  • make users and user features primarz parts of the communitz.
watching friends watchlists, having Shared watchlists for a topic/userset/common vandals (to increase cacheability of popular watches and reduce workload in pruning such lists)
networks of friends
allowing more structured personal information, user browsing-searching, easier group * easier group formation (make groups real elements, not vague ones, searchable by properties and information fields


  • We consistently win major awards for community and lose points for poor searching, without even mentioning searchability and community in our mission statement(s).
  • We should add community to our mission statements and selfimage, and work on developing the latter in a variety of specific, constrained ways (not just making the current fulltext search faster; diverting searches from fulltext to more efficient narrow searches also makes things faster!)


  • Clean crisp mission statements for each project (a criterion for being listed on the main page?)
availalbe in three+ levels of detail - a 3 sentence elevator pitch, a 3paragraph summary, a 3-page plan.
sumaries should be "executive", focusing on the target, methods, actors, audience, difference from existing setups.
plans should be "business" stzle, covering prior art, competitors, resource requirements and funding options, personnel, more.
  • vision from jwales; also from communitz, external groups.
historical visions for comparison-context.
shared visions of other grps... overlaps, parallels, conflicts.

Revision, review

  • community, regular. discussed often on the lists and onwiki.
  • external, encouraged. reporters, academics, other.
  • expert, advisory reviews (internal, regular)
  • piecewise, topical reviews (applicable to each of the above). filtering by topic... starting small.