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Current Wikipedia Status Status:
as reported by: [[User:Eequor|ᓛᖁ♀]] 22:12, 5 Dec 2004 (UTC)

OpenFacts is DOWN
The servers are currently overloaded, or down.

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General info[edit]

This is a page where Wikipedian status reporters can help each other through their withdrawal symptoms while developers attempt to fix the server.

IRC: unannounced maintenance outages will often be accompanied by commentary in #wikipedia or #mediawiki on (type irc:// in Mozilla or mIRC). See also:


Help OpenFacts by donating... somewhere. Current estimates suggest that the project will spend money on hardware this quarter to keep up with growth. Or not.

Today's quote:

  • Dear diary: No Wikipedia Status today. Had to go back and edit the wiki again.

Temporary "back-ups"[edit]

See Copies of OpenFacts content

Now, wouldn't it be entertaining if OpenFacts never came back and people stopped using it to complain about Wikipedia?

See also Sites using MediaWiki.

November 24[edit]

  • The irony... --[[User:Eequor|ᓛᖁ♀]] 05:01, 25 Nov 2004 (UTC)

February 22[edit]

  • The real reason Berlios is down: The last time I used it, a few months ago, there was a notice at the top of the page that said they would soon shut down for fear of being taken over by the English Wikimedia foundation. This has obviously happened. Now, it goes without saying that this will be reverted by the administrative cabal as "vandalism" per WP:TRUTH which absolutely DO exist, but at least somebody may see this. Berlios is not merely "down", they were afraid of us! --Cenedlaetholwr Cymreig (talk) 15:52, 22 February 2013 (UTC)