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This page lists potential features related to Wikimedia Commons integration in OpenRefine as of end (December) 2022 and early 2023. The following features have not been implemented yet during OpenRefine's initial Wikimedia Commons project grant (2021-22) but may be useful for a follow-up project. They are listed in a random order, and not prioritized. This list is incomplete. Help is appreciated in adding more requests.

General / See open tasks in OpenRefine's own GitHub repository; wikicommons label

In the Wikimedia Commons reconciliation service / See open tasks in Phabricator board:

  • General review of necessity / ease of use of a Commons reconciliation service; potentially replace reconciliation with a more easy, preferably automated lookup method (high priority; the reconciliation step for Commons file names is very confusing for users)
  • Improve thumbnails in hover/preview cards - task T315749
  • Enable reconciliation of more file name formats - task T290088
  • ...

In OpenRefine's Wikimedia Commons extension / See list of issues in GitHub repository:

  • Provide a more extensive Wikitext builder (note: there are important considerations against too intricate Wikitext features in OpenRefine)
  • Fix capitalized file extension bug
  • Start uploading by selecting a folder on harddrive (often requested)
  • Provide thumbnails for files on harddrive
  • Provide thumbnails for files when uploading from URL
  • Load (selected) EXIF of files from Commons, harddrive and URL (often requested)
  • Better preview of files to be uploaded, including thumbnails, in preview tab
  • Preload basic schema template columns upon project start ('Pattypan style empty spreadsheet start mode') (often requested)


  • Install OpenRefine 3.7 as it is released
  • Also install the Wikimedia Commons extension, making it available for all PAWS users

For the EditGroups tool

  • Add button to ask to undo batch uploads (needs admin support)
  • (link Phab)