Open Access Reader/v1specification

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Open Access Reader is a tool that will enable editors to find significant research not yet cited in Wikipedia, and streamline creating article content and citations around it.

It has been designed to be simple and straightforward to use, with a minimum of steps between sign up and value-generating activity. Workflow is streamlined to allow users to log in, specify a few choices of field, then choose an article that is currently uncited. After reading through the paper while simultaneously writing a summary in the included toolbelt, the user can then search for the most relevant Wikipedia article to insert their snippet into, along with an automatically generated citation.

Detailed Workflow[edit]

Login screen

Home page: User is given the choice of resuming work on a previously begun article, or selecting a new article from a populated list of suggestions. They can dismiss an option via the X button, or click on the ✓ symbol to proceed. Additionally, they can view and change their settings and previous submissions via the top toolbar now visible.

Reading screen: The source is presented in a rich text format without visual distractions. The user can peruse at their own pace, while summarising or making notes in the fixed summary area at the bottom of the screen. Options could include spell check and formatting tools in this toolbelt. The user can then cancel (and reset) their work via the X button, or continue to the next step with the ✓ symbol button.

Search screen: On this page the user can locate the most relevant Wikipedia article for their contribution. The search could accept a variety of parameters and return the most relevant results in a clickable list for the user to select from.

Insertion screen: The Wikipedia article in question will be displayed in a similar fashion to the Reading screen, where the user can read through the existing article to locate the most relevant position for their contribution. A 'last edit' area in the summary bar will allow the user to make any last changes to their submission, at which point clicking X would take them to the previous screen, and ✓ would turn the area into a drag and drop selection. The user would then drag the summary to the most relevant area of the article and drop it, clicking on ✓ again to confirm their choice. The article would be edited automatically to include a citation.

Confirmation screen: The user is congratulated, and a selection of suggested new articles is then presented.