Open letter to the Enciclopedia Libre group

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This letter is a work in progress. It needs to be expanded and translated. There are some notes on the below subpage to aid in this process.

We (the "members" of the wikipedia project, including English, German, Polish, and Esperanto wikipedia, among others) would like to overcome the misunderstandings between us and you, the members of the Enciclopedia Libre project.

Our primary interests are to focus the power of the Spanish participants on one single project, and to integrate this project into the inter-language connections that are being build between the other Wikipedias. Whether this project will run on an American or a Spanish server is of secondary interest to us at best.

One major part of this effort would be to upgrade the Spanish "free encyclopedia project" (whatever it will be called) to "Phase III" software, which improves speed, stability and usability compared to the version that is currently running at EL. The software is available under GNU GPL at

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