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Apart from the source (the content itself) the data about a current or old version of a page are as follows.

The edit metadata, the metadata of the edit that resulted in the particular version, are:

  • If the edit was marked as a 'minor' revision by the editor
  • Date and time the edit was made
  • Page title
  • Page namespace
  • Username and user id, or IP address of the editor
  • Comment left by the editor when the edit was saved
  • Length in bytes of the revision content
  • Sha1 sum of the revision content
  • Revision id of the previous (parent) revision
  • Content model of the revision (is it wikitext? json?)
  • Content format of the revision

Other data about a page are:

  • If the page is protected
  • Page id (for old versions these are shown in the URLs of page history links)
  • If the page is a redirect
  • Whether the page is newly created or has more than one revision
  • Id of the most recent revision of the page
  • Length in bytes of the content
  • Content model of the page
  • Content language of the page

See en:Wikipedia:Edit summary#Places where the edit summary appears for lists of edit metadata.

For details see the documentation of the MediaWiki database.

See also mw:Help:export, RDF metadata