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These pages contain parser test cases designed to test various aspects of parser behaviour. By checking whether the output is correct, the developers can find and fix bugs. Please add examples of usual and unusual formatting.

Test cases are defined by some input and show the expected result as inline and raw html :

  • the wiki input
  • what you see
  • the html code

Few subpages :

To get all these pages, you can paste the following into Special:Export:

Parser testing/strip
Parser testing/removeHTMLtags
Parser testing/replaceVariables
Parser testing/doAllQuotes
Parser testing/replaceExternalLinks
Parser testing/doMagicLinks
Parser testing/replaceInternalLinks
Parser testing/doTableStuff
Parser testing/formatHeadings
Parser testing/fixtags and tidy
Parser testing/doBlockLevels

This is related to the test in git , these things should be somewhat leveled