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This Wikimedia Participation Support request was not funded. Reasons have been communicated with the request submitter on the Discussion page.

User name
Event name
Event Web site
Event date(s)
January 20 - January 22, 2011
Amount requested (remember to specify currency!)
USD 2,404 USD

Budget breakdown[edit]

  • Airfare: 2,400 USD
  • Travel insurance: 90 USD
  • Visa and administrative costs to enter Australia: 180 USD
  • Meals and incidentals: (174 USD per day × 0.75) × 5 days = 652.5 USD
  • Airport tax: 4 USD
  • Daily transport: (Taxi from Hotel to Venue is $40 one way) $80 USD × 5 = $400 USD
  • Airport transport: 60 USD
  • Lodging: ($215 × 3 nights weekdays) + ($135 × 2 nights weekend) = 915 USD
Requested from Wikimedia Foundation
  • Airfair (2,400 USD) + airport tax (4 USD) = 2,404 USD in total
Requested from Wikimedia Australia
  • Pocket money and incidentals (652.5 USD) + daily transport (400 USD) + airport transport (60 USD) + accommodation (915 USD) + visa ($180) + trip insurance (90 USD) = 2,297.5 USD in total
Total budget

4,511.5 USD

Proposed Participation[edit]

I am an active Wikimedian. Actively working on several Wikimedia projects, including all Bengali language Wikimedia projects (i.e. Bengali Wikipedia, and Wiktionary). I am the Secretary of the local chapter Wikimedia Bangladesh. I have a presentation to give in RecentChanges Camp, hosted at University of Canberra. on wikis in Bangladesh. As RecentChanges Camp and similar events are less expensive and easy to organize. Therefore we are interested to implement these ideas in Bangladesh to promote Wikipedia. Australia has a significant number of Bangladeshi immigrants and a lot of university students. So it might be possible to arrange a meet-up there to promote Bengali language project in Australia and let them know about Wikimedia Bangladesh.

Goal and Expected Impact[edit]

RecentChanges camp will give us necessary experiences and ideas. And we are looking to Wikimedia Australia for necessary support. Several Wikimedia Australia board members will be present at the program. The conference is being held at University of Canberra, which has strong ties to Asia and there are academics interested in what is happening in the region, who could help WMBD with program implementation.

Several Wikimedia Australia board members will be present in the program. As a newly established chapter Wikimedia Bangladesh is interested to built relationships with other chapters. Currently WMAU is working on creating materials for outreach in rural and remote areas, and getting access to multiple members in person to help develop those materials for dual use.

RCC has attracted local Canberra-based GLAM community, although they are not listed as participants. I also believe this contact will be useful for doing similar work in Bangladesh as we have taken initiative for GLAM camp already.