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During a workshop at the Wikimedia Conference 2016 in Berlin the participants were given two tasks:

  • Task 1: Create a list of opportunities.
  • Task 2: Create a budget for an edit-a-thon.

Around 30 people participated in the workshop.

This document summarize the conclusions around Task 1. For the material connected to Task 2, see here.

What the task looked like[edit]

(1) Theory: You need to identify suitable financiers early on to be able to structure your work and not miss opportunities; (2) In practice: Create a structured list; (3) Task: Create a template for the list of what you believe should be included and why; (4) Wrapping up: Present the list and discuss and evaluate the suggestion.

The outcome[edit]

Based on the suggestions gathered during Task 1 a template has been creates. It will give you a good start when you gather information about different grant opportunities.

Internal project[1] Call (with link) Deadlines[2] Funders name Contact info to funder Maximum funding[3] Own funding/other conditions[4] Description of project (short)[5] Responsible person[6] Other Status[7]

Other suggested columns were:

  • "Funding probability est.": This is really not that helpful in Wikimedia Sverige's experience as the probability will be dependent on what project idea you have and what partners you manage to connect in the end (and you should always try to have partners that have complementing expertise in your projects).
  • "Risks": This is something you most likely will specify in the application itself and is probably not needed in the overview.


  1. Specify if connected to an existing project (that is part of your yearly plan).
    • Send in:
    • Answer:.
  2. If you have a good project that fits the call, design a project that use maximum funding.
  3. Often the call will specify if you need to fund some costs yourself (including worktime). In general it is a good strategy to try to add some own funding as that show the funders that you care for the project. Do set up routines within your organization to be able to do move around your funds with some speed.
  4. Here you can also include a short mentioning of synergies to other efforts.
  5. In your own organization.
  6. Accepted or declined. This will help you to keep an overview during the year.