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Pedianary-feature for enhanced Wikipedia and Wiktionary interaction

  1. A new preference in Wikipedia that allows you to set the languages you speak well.
  2. A new preference whether you want to see altered link colors to indicate the translation situation in Wiktionary.
  3. When the pedianary feature is turned on surfing to an Wikipedia article get automatically notified if the article name exists in Wiktionary and whether there are any languages missing that you could do translations for.
  4. Taken further the link colors of all links in the article could be set to indicate whether there is something for you to contribute in Wiktionary (Set the last letter to color X if there is no article and color Y if there are missing languages that you could do (performance hogger i know).
  5. Even further this could be done for all the words in the article

So basically there would be four different levels of making the article less readable and messy to profit the Wiktionary project:

  1. No Pedianary
  2. Pedianary for article name
  3. Pedianary for article and all links
  4. Pedianary for all words in the article

If Wikimedia Foundation had some funds the Pedianary feature could be done by a dedicated machine so it wouldn't add load to the Wikipedia server. The Wikipedia server wouldn't have to be aware of the feature. It would just route the http responses through an another machine that implements the Pedianary-feature. Sending unparsed wiki-code to the Pedianary-server would be more efficient though