Planning Wikimedia Botswana Meet-up

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Meeting Agenda[edit]

  • Planning Wikimedia Botswana mission Development
  • Community Building and Activation through Free knowledge initiatives
  • Final submission of WikiIndaba Conference presentation.
  1. Mission Development
  1. Engaging all schools (secondary and universities) to start a platform where the young and adults can grow the community building and activism through free knowledge.
  2. GLAM Support ( Engage all GLAMer's) through Editor-a-thorn.
  3. Creating an initiative where Batswana can develop articles publicly embracing their culture.

Collaborate with media presence to gain more exposure about our initiatives as Planning Wikimedia Botswana user group.

  1. A pilot project for Wikimedia Botswana (distribution of the offline version of Wikipedia) for schools in rural areas.
  2. Adding more to the pilot project we need to liaise with Ministry of Education (MOE) to endorse us to run this project in schools.
  3. Collaborate with Orange Botswana to support our outreach projects since they are helping Wikimedia Foundation to provide support for Wikipedia Zero initiative in Botswana.
  1. Community Building and Activation

3. WikiIndaba Conference Presentation

Outreach and Activation

Overseas attendees[edit]

  • Ad Huikeshoven, board member Wikimedia Nederland, International Affairs
  • Huikeshoven thanks for joining us from Wikimedia Nederland, do you have any project idea related to Wikipedia that we could implement for our society to be well engaged into Wikipedia?.
Be proud to live in the country with the highest and consistent GDP growth over the past 50 years, democracy, stability
Are you guys involved with Wiki Loves Earth? Doesn't Botswana have some awesome National Parks up North in the country?
Water management, or challenges from water scarcity - utililize Wikipedia as a platform for knowledge transfer

Question: how many members do you have now in your group? How is progress in getting organized? We are not involved with Wiki Loves Earth and Yes! we do have one of the biggest National park up north. Well just had a look at this coolest project and it sounds quiet interesting. Answering your last question we are almost 10 now and we hope the numbers will grow with time.

(Sorry guys, I have to go back to work, my teabreak is over! Maybe I will meet some of you Wikimania London) Thanks for your ideas and Good bye!