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Wikimedia Community User Group GAMBIA was founded the 6 january 2018 in the Gambia after Boubacarr Colley has participated to the online (hangout) training animated by Felix Nartey. A general meetup and introduction to the Wikimedia cause was started and the welcomed many participants from various sectors.

After the joining of all the volunteers ready to make the Planning Wikimedia Gambia a reality with exactly eight (8) participants the first training to Wikipedia editing was planned for the 7 january 2018.


The Planning Wikimedia Gambia group at his first official assembly (6 January 2018) came out with the following decisions and programs :

  1. To have a dedicated committee which is composed by the main volunteers who will do as much contributions as possible to have the ability to held training sessions and help newcomers during the meetups and training sessions. To reach this first point and target, every month a meetup and a training session is planned for this committee of contributors.
  2. Every three (3) months an event (editathon or photothon) will be organized at a large scale to welcome more contributors (volunteers) and raise more awareness about Wikimedia and it’s projects.
  3. At the same level, every three (3) months a hackathon is organized to allies developers and contributors to join the African Wikimedia Developers community and participate at the Phabricators project.


  • To create a Wikimedia community in Gambia and gather all local contributors.
  • To raise awareness of people and particularly students and academics about Wikimedia projects.
  • To guide, help and teach localy how to contribute to Wikimedia projects in Gambia.
  • To expand the Mandinka, Wolof and Diola local languages with contents.
  • Generally add all type of Gambia related contents to Wikipedia and sister projects.
  • To establish the presence of Wikimedia in Gambia.
  • To serve as a contact for Wikimedia projects in Gambia.
  • To conduct Wikipedia monthly meetups and grow a wide and active community in Gambia.


Events and Projects[edit]

  • May : 16/05/2018 Planning Wikimedia Gambia Meetup committee and training for contributors(Gather all the members to discover and understand how to contribute once connected)
  • June : 30/06/2018 : Planning Wikimedia Gambia Meetup committee and training contributors(contributions of the month)

Future Plans[edit]

  • To conduct more meetups, organize editathons and workshops which seek to create awareness of Wikimedia projects in Gambia.
  • To participate in different global Wikimedia projects such as Wikiloves Africa, Wiki Loves Monuments, Wiki Loves Earth, etc.


  1. Boubacar Colley
  2. Alagie
  3. Dame hane
  4. Amie Sonko
  5. Fatoumatta Gaye
  6. Sarifatou Jallow
  7. Bakary S Sonko
  8. Marr Abdoulaye

How to join[edit]

We welcome everybody. We invite persons and people who are willing to participate in Wikimedia activities and projects in Gambia to join our movements. You can join the group by sending your membership request to (or)