Principle of subsidiarity

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Subsidiarity is a principle of social organization that issues should be dealt with at the most immediate / local level that can resolve them. Common examples in Europe and the US are enshrined in law.

Within wiki movements, variations on this have focused on federation (fedwiki, wikimedia language-projects) and explicit subsidiarity (discussions about wikimedia governance, software development, fundraising, and hubs generally).

Related discussions[edit]

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Technical development


  • Fundraising and donor management (2012 (WMUK), 202x)
  • Funds dissemination and small grants (FDC, funding microgrant programs, 2021 regional grants committees)
  • Prioritization of focus (for directing attention, funds, technical resources) (?, wishlists [DE + global + per-project])

Project policy

Media and outreach

  • Swag (better stores + gardens)
  • Publications (books, calendars, ...)

Legal support

Overall governance