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I have started the Persian wiktionary or Farsi. There were several reasons for me to do that.

  1. It is a left to right language
  2. I wanted to experience how the templates as used on the nl:wiktionary work in this environment
  3. I am helping put a language course for Farsi in Wikibooks.

The main problem is that BOTH Internet Explorer and Firefox are not good for the job.

IE is superior handling mixed text (Farsi and Dutch/English)
IE will copy text properly and it is difficult with Firefox, with great chances for making errors
Firefox renders better than IE, IE6 will screw up the tabs for edit /discussion etc
This screw up makes the first few lines unreadable.

Problems with Firefox

I cannot upload a file named Fa-نگهداري.ogg to Commons, I need IE to do that.
Often I find it hard to select all characters of a string that would be incomplete as a consequence.
When looking at b:fa:FarsiLes14, the first characters of each soundclip on Commons will be obscured because of this pesky thingie that indicates an "external" resource. This while Commons is NOT external and the preferred place to save this stuff.

NB I posted a problem with Mozilla.

Thanks, GerardM 23:08, 21 Dec 2004 (UTC)