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Program Capacity and Learning/Annual Plan/Project: Wikimedia Resource Center

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Short description of the project[edit]

At the heart of our work is connection, communication and learning across communities, but where do we go to connect, communicate and learn? How can we leverage movement wide learning through sharing of best practices and lessons learned?
“The Wikimedia Resource Center” is a single, point of entry where affiliates, staff and volunteers can find the information they need , polish outreach, and distill learning. Most importantly it’s a place where community leaders (Primary audience: Program Leaders, Affiliate Staff and Volunteers) can find each other and share learning as well as connect with Wikimedia Foundation staff. Wikimedia Foundation Teams will be able to connect their most important resources and information to the central hub and participating teams will learn and share best practices for knowledge sharing in this cross team project). Phase 1 of the project will provide the doorway and foundation to continued improvement in the curation of movement wide knowledge sharing. We will also explore options for search optimization on Meta and Within the Resources Center/Team Portals with Discovery.

What does success look like?[edit]

Create a single point of entry resource center/landing hub which serves as a doorway to Wikimedia resources and learning.

Project tracking[edit]

Phase Research Development Status
Train in UX Research. Map out Wikimedia Foundation teams providing resources to community.
Design UX Research protocol. Search habits and resource finding. Create project charter. Define initial tasks and milestones.
Carry out interviews. Create initial wireframe.
Sinthetize data and present findings. Develop template and create initial prototype.
Socialize first WRC prototype with Wikimedia Foundation working team and gather structured feedback. Review comments and implement changes. Document criteria and processes.
Launch Alpha version of the Wikimedia Resource Center
🎉 Hooray!
Collect feedback from users publicly via the Talk Page, and privately via the survey. Adjust bugs and small fixes.
In progress…
Host a live demo and interviews at Wikimedia Conference 2017. Document templates.
📆 Due date March 27
Research functionality of Form Wizard and other potential means to contribute to the WRC. Develop a way for Wikimedians to contribute resources to the WRC.
Find and curate a list of resources developed by community members, and invite them to include them on the Wikimedia Resource Center.
Launch Beta version of the Wikimedia Resource Center.
🐈 Here, have a kitty
Synthesize and analyze data from user research on people-to-people connections. Propose different iterations for people to connect on the Wikimedia Resource Center.
📌 Pinned
Distribute prototype feature within a focus group and gather feedback. Implement comments on people-to-people connection features and functions on the Wikimedia Resource Center.
Rollout Wikimedia Resource Center V 3.0
😍 Love