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Programs & Events Dashboard/Using the Dashboard/Basics/Logging in

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Basics: Logging in[edit]

The platform uses OAuth to login into the platform with your global Wikimedia account.

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If you click on the “Sign up” icon without an activated Wikipedia account, you will be taken to a Wikipedia page to sign up for a Wikipedia account. In this case, once you create the account and approve the use of OAuth, you will be taken back to the Dashboard.

If you have a Wikipedia account and click on the “Log in” button, you are taken to Wikipedia to log in, then OAuth will ask for permission for the Dashboard to interact with pages using your account. Once you’ve logged in you are taken back to the Dashboard.

‘’Note’’: the OAuth stage asks for your permission to “Interact with pages -Edit existing pages; Create, edit, and move pages” -- This feature is rarely used, and is not very substantive in the current iteration of the tool.