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Programs & Events Dashboard/Using the Dashboard/Starting new programs/Updating Program Information

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Programa berriak sortu: Programako informazioa eguneratu

The administrative interface for a program page. Notice how the top right of the Program description and detail boxes both have "Edit" buttons for program organizers

Deskribapena eta hasiera zein bukaera ordua hasieran ekintza sortu eta gero egunera ditzakezu. Deskribapena aldatzeko, klikatu “Deskribapena editatu” botoia. Hasiera eta bukaera orduak edo beste xehetasuna batzuk aldatzeko, klikatu “Xehetasunak editatu” botoia.

Gainera, behin ekintza bat sortuta, ekintzako informazio gehigarria egunera dezakezu, adibidez:

  • Facilitators -- by default the program page creator is entered as a “Facilitator on the Event”. Additional facilitators can be added from among registered Wikipedians from among contributors who have signed into the dashboard before. Facilitators have the right to edit the program page.
  • Passcode -- which can be used to restrict the participants in an event
  • Scheduling a data update -- this requests that the servers recalculate the contributions of editors in an event (this allows for you to query historical data for past events, to see updates of data).